Photos of the shed HQ

Was playing around with my zoom lens for my canon 400D it’s a 55-250 IS lens and just put a copy lens hood onto it…. its an Ok lense, but I really want This one. anyway here are some shots of the shed. [flickr]photo:2993746432[/flickr][flickr]photo:2993746336[/flickr][flickr]photo:2992900057[/flickr][flickr]photo:2992899939[/flickr][flickr]photo:2992899777[/flickr][flickr]photo:2992899629[/flickr][flickr]photo:2993745650[/flickr][flickr]photo:2993745520[/flickr][flickr]photo:2992898483[/flickr]

Why I love Wilco

Sometimes I hate those RSS feed readers first thing in the morning when I saw this Why I love Wilco from Boing Boing in my google home page, I thought finally the world has recognised my wossname, but it was of course a story about the Alt-rock-folk-country-not-sheds band Wilco.