No electricity and guess whose at fault?

Over the past 24 hours we have not had any electricity over at chez sheddi, after many calls to Mrs Uncle wilco’s brother who knows a few things about that game, we managed to get it down to a fault on the sockets around the house.

So a late night call to a local spark who popped over this morning with his geiger counter like equipment who tested all the wossnames on the circuit breaker, he also concluded that there was a fault on one of the sockets around the house, it could take ages to check each one, then he asked, do you have any outdoor electricity… ah the shed!

so he unconnected the power from the green one and the house, and hey presto we had power in the house again.

The problem was that a bit of damp had got into the shed! so it could have gone up in flames(maybe) anytime.

anyway waiting until a proper isolated system can be added to power the shed again, but its been safely isolated from the rest of the house, so that why i am writing this now.

just to point out, the electricity was added to the shed before I was living here, before it had to be checked out by a qualified electrician by law, so before we will power the shed again, we will be getting Mrs UW brother down to make sure it is all fine.

By Andrew Wilcox

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