Turning your garden shed into a fine dining experience

From Shed to Soiree: Transforming Your Garden Haven into a Pop-Up Party Space Who says entertaining has to be confined to the living room? With a little creativity and elbow grease, your humble garden shed can be revitalized into a unique and unforgettable pop-up party space, perfect for hosting intimate fine dining experiences or lively… Continue reading Turning your garden shed into a fine dining experience

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Where are all the sheds from?

I have been running shed of the year since 2007 and thought it would be good to update the data on where in the World we get entries from. Here are the Top Ten places in the UK with the most sheds entered into the competition (data updated 5 June 2024) View all the sheds

20 Interesting Facts about Sheds

Whether they’re humble storage spaces or elaborate retreats, garden sheds have a charm and allure that’s hard to resist. From quirky competitions to innovative designs, they continue to capture our imagination and inspire us to embrace the simple pleasures of outdoor living.