Some brilliant entertainment & pub sheds for 2019 – Shed of the year

As we open entry for Shed of the year 2019 – thought I would visit some amazing entrants from last years Pub/Entertainment category, which always seems to be one of the most popular categories on

The Wheatsheaf – Pub/Entertainment from Worcester based but travel various. #shedoftheyear

It’s a 1940’s themed mobile bar that i take to various history events and donate the profits from the bar to various military veteran based charities.

Steampunk Saloon – Pub/Entertainment from Garden/garage #shedoftheyear

The Steampunk Saloon is a cross between Jules Verne science fiction,science fantasy and 19th century steam powered machinery

Latitude 52 North – Pub/Entertainment from garden #shedoftheyear

I can work in it. It houses a vast Coca Cola collection and has a sitting room, a music collection, collectables and private members only access to a bar with outside serving facilities

The Stumble Inn – Pub/Entertainment from In our garden at home #shedoftheyear

The Stumble Inn is our own home pub (and for friends in the village). This was a run down, forgotten building with asbestos sheet roofing, holes in the cladding and a dirt floor.

Knights Inn – Better Than Any Nights Out – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear

It was a hot tub cabin and got bored of the hot tub and gave it away and then rebuilt the shed ad turned it into a garden pub and is used all the time now

The Cock Inn Cider – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear

My Pub Shed was built from materials that were salvaged from my neighbours house renovation and also things found in the skip at my place of work which is a hotel

Scottys Shanty – Pub/Entertainment from Yard #shedoftheyear

Wanted to create a beach bar without the beach.

Weety’s Bar – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear

I wanted a traditional British pub feel with a hint of Hard Rock Caf? styling, hence the memorabilia etc on the walls

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By Andrew Wilcox

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