7 Fun Pets Anyone Can Keep In The Comfort Of Their Garden Shed!

Your garden shed is the perfect place to transform for a spacy, adventurous and safe area for a pet. Most people think of their shed as a place for storage but some more adventures shed owners are branching out. 

With the right setup, you can nurture a wide variety of pets, while simultaneously providing a secure habitat for them to learn, grow and have fun. 

Moreover, your garden shed is an ideal location to keep noisy or exotic pets safe in the knowledge that they are protected.  

But which pets are the best to keep in the garden shed? What about housing a pet goat in your shed? It’s wild, but not impossible! 

Read on to explore 7 fun pets anyone can keep in the comfort of their garden.

Always remember that whatever pet you choose the materials you use must be pet safe. This means pet safe wood stainer and pet safe paint. 

7 Fun Pets Anyone Can Keep In The Comfort Of Their Garden Shed! 

1. Rabbits

The first and most popular pet is rabbits. Most Rabbits live outdoors and need plenty of open space for exercise and play. A garden shed has ample room for one or even a handful of rabbits and can provide a luxurious habitat when transformed. 

Practical pet owners have merged their outdoor storage sheds into multi-layered rabbit playhouses, filled with flaps, ramps and sleeping areas. You can even combine a typical outdoor rabbit hutch to combine it with your garden shed to create a mini bunny mansion!

Top Tip – Be sure to include an outdoor run area for them to bask in the sunlight!

The best part of a shed is its protection against the elements which means you can play with your furry friends come rain or shine.

2. Tortoise

Another intelligent shed conversion is transforming your shed into a tortoise retreat.

A shed is the perfect environment to house a tortoise and is large enough to give them ample room to manoeuvre, play, eat and sleep. 

It’s ideal for tortoises as you can install a heated area for them to keep warm in the colder months safe in the knowledge that it’s protected from the elements.  

This is almost impossible in a garden or outdoor space without a roof, making the shed an ideal habitat for a tortoise. 

Top Tip – Add windows to make the area more functional as tortoises need light to detect day and night.  

The best part of converting your garden shed into a tortoise retreat is the accessories. You can choose a wide variety of tortoise accessories safe in the knowledge that you have enough space to put them in. 

Your tortoise will love you forever!

3. Birds

A popular pet that leads to many shed conversions is Birds. 

Keeping birds outdoors gives them access to nature and direct access to the outdoor scenery, which gives them a greater sense of freedom.

Remember, It’s against the law to keep your birds in an open environment without a cage that gives them enough room to stretch and flap their wings. 

However, if you can remodel a shed to make it birdproof, fit with bars, netting and wiring, then you will be able to make a large parrot cage that’s 10 times the size! 

A Parrot house is perfect for all types of birds and you can include small details to make it the perfect parrot paradise, including perches, bowls, branches and swings.

Top Tip – Your feeding area should be safe and secure without giving your birds the chance to escape!

Make sure you install all the correct lighting and ventilation for your feathered friends. Things like hardboard and extractor fans are important to keep the habitat oxygenated. 

The best part about converting your shed into a birdhouse is you can house multiple birds at once. Your garden shed will be an ideal habitat for a wide variety of birds so be sure to check it out! 

4. Chicken shed

Chickens sheds aren’t as popular as rabbits and birds but they are still fun and practical.

Chickens are very low maintenance pets meaning any pet owner with the right materials and skills can easily transform their shed into a chicken sanctuary.

Chickens usually live with other chickens meaning your garden shed will be the perfect social spot for active chickens to eat, drink and be happy!

Top Tip – A shed conversion makes it ideal to pet, groom and feed chickens as you are able to stand up!

It’s a win-win for everyone as happier chickens mean more eggs and there’s nothing better than fresh eggs for breakfast! Score!

5. Lizards

Lizards come in all shapes and sizes but are perfect low maintenance pets that can be kept outdoors. 

Moreover, if you have the time, a shed conversion will be an ideal habitat for your reptilian friends as more space means more adventure.

With different lizards and different personalities you can get creative and include accessories to suit slower more relaxed lizards (like the bearded dragon) or faster more playful lizards (like Geckos)

Top Tip – If you have a fairly large shed you can convert a smaller designated area for your lizards as they don’t need as much room as bigger pets. 

Whatever option you decide your lizard will adore you for the extra space, toys and accessories. Lizards are naturally curious and love to investigate the open outdoors. A garden shed is a perfect habitat for these inquisitive pets  

6. Goats

Yes, you read that correctly! You can keep a goat in your garden shed!

Pygmy goats are the perfect choice for people with small areas that need to house these adorable pets. At 50 cm’s your Pygmy goat will adore the extra space a converted shed will give them. 

Moreover being outdoors in a secure space will provide them with more shelter and protection.

You will need an electric light that must be out of reach and an additional outdoor area for fresh air, exercise and a place to roam when they are not inside the shed. 

Top Tip – Include benches and a hay rack for extra support 

Pygmy goats are the ideal pet to have at home in the comfort of your shed. With the right setup, you can provide a long term home for these unique pets. 

We hope you’ve been inspired by the possibilities of converting your shed into a pet paradise. Remember to keep all fixtures and fittings secure and to check the enclosed area regularly for wear and tear. 


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