7 Cool Ways To Turn Your Shed Into A Cat Playground

Guest post from Amy

Are you looking for ways to spice up your cat’s outdoor living conditions?

You might make the indoors as conducive as it can get, with all the toys and friendly furniture. Still, you will catch your cat sneaking outside for some playtime. Domesticated as our pets are, they still have the wild DNA wired in them and want to play or eat outdoors and in more private spaces.  

The good news, there is plenty you can do with your outdoor space and make it more habitable and playful for your cat. If your shed is just collecting dust and housing worn-out stuff, it is time to transform it into a playground for your cats.

And it’s quite easy and affordable to accomplish some of the below DIY projects for your cat’s playground!

7 Cool Ways To Turn Your Shed Into A Cat Playground

  1. Install DIY Shelves

Build a series of shelves inside the shed where the cat can hide or jump through while playing. There are various DIY shelves in different shapes and sizes that can suit different cat sizes if you have many cats.

  1. Bed Hammocks

Shelves are not the only things cats enjoy jumping through. Maybe your cat just needs to spend the lazy days outside the main house. A nice cozy hammock, hanging in a private part of the shack will come in hand. 

  1. Build a Straw Forte

For a temporary playground, a straw playhouse will do. First, straws are quite affordable, and if you have a kitchen garden or use eco-friendly weeding ways for your lawn, you can make good use of the remaining weeding straws.

You can use these straws to build forts inside or around the shed and a canvas and pots or stones to cover the fort’s top part. It will help keep the fort standing longer against the weather changes.

  1. Installing DIY Storage Bins

Yes, the storage bins you’re ignoring could be an excellent playground for the cats. You can make a series of tunnels and playing kennels using many storage bins. Another option would be to stack the storage boxes together and create a forte with multiple entries. 

You can also lay the inside of the storage bins with a cozy cat bed, so they have a nice place to lay on when sleeping. This is especially handy as a cat bed for older cats who need the extra relaxation space.  

  1. Insulate the Shed 

One of the best ways to make the shed comfortable for your cat, would be to add insulation. This way, your cat has a warm playground during winter. Reflectix is an excellent insulator. It is readily available, affordable and you can easily install it on your own. 

  1. Mounting Scratch Posts 

Does your cat love climbing on your walls, upholstery, and anything they can lay their tiny paws on, and the next thing you know, you have scratches all over? If you are worried about the same happening in the shed, you can buy the mountable scratch posts.

The posts come in various designs, allowing you to spruce up space with different mounts. It could be horizontal, diagonal, or triangular shape to offer more playing options.

  1. Get a Modern Cat Tree

Modern technology saves you the time and effort it takes to grow a tree or build a treehouse. All you need to do for your playful cat is buy a modern cat tree house or a tree with inbuilt hiding shelves. Your cat will have an indoor tree to climb whenever they are in the shed.

Are you looking for ways to enhance your cats living conditions? The above 7 cool ways to turn your shed into a cat playground will take the sheds living situation from a mere space into the outdoor haven they need.


Hey, I’m Amy and I’m in love with my Pets! I have a diverse variety, including 2 cats, 1 dog, 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, a rat, and a beautiful macaw. I love writing about everything pet-related and spend as much time as I can sharing my personal experiences on my blog. SmartCatLovers.org

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