You can buy the Shed of the year 2018 Unique Category Winner : Boat Pod

The owner of the Shed of the year 2018 Unique Category Winner The Boat Pod contacted me to say it’s up for Sale!

Barnaby says “It has been an amazing project just struggling to find a home for her and storage and space is getting tight.”

So if you are interested in this very unique shed then here are the details

Details: for sale to make way for next project.

Made from the bow section of a decommissioned fishing trawler built in 1945 that once worked out of Newlyn.

Made watertight using marine resin and cloth. Sail canvas door with aluminium trim. Made from Larch planking on oak ribs with amazing textures and colours of beautifully crafted timbers.

Height 4m
Width 4m
Depth 4m

Price £5000 excluding delivery.

You can contact Barnaby via his page if you would like to see this shed in your garden or even in your boat yard!

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By Andrew Wilcox

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