Shed of the Year 2009 and the winner is …. The Kite Cabin

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After thousands of public votes the shed judges have made their decision.

The Winner of Shed of the Year 2009 is the wonderful The Kite Cabin – created by sheddie Steven Harwood from West Wales.

At 5 metres square,I designed it in my head and built it myself. Because it is on a very steep bank a platform was constructed on stilts first and then the cabin was built directly onto this. It incorporates a compost toilet room with hand washing facilities and boasts bunk beds, a woodburner and Sky TV. With a a wall of glass windows facing south, it makes the most of a fantastic view over the valley in which we live. A veranda in the front allows you to sit in the fresh air and take in the scenery and sound of local cows mooing.

Steven said: “I entered Shed of the Year because I feel I have a very special shed in a very special place. The location is unbeatable in my opinion with amazing panoramic views.

“It is surrounded by nature including kites, badgers and various birds. It is such a useable space and is not pre-ordered like so many sheds these days. It is a realisation of my idea and I love it.

“I hope that my cabin will be an inspiration for others and what can be done in an otherwise dead space.”

The winner not only gets the title of Shed of the Year 2009 (what more do they need!) but also wins a year’s supply of cheese from, a £50 voucher from Wyevale Garden Centre, a unique shed cushion and a wind-up Trevor Baylis radio, View the Prizes here

This is the third year I have run the competition and each time I am astounded by the quality of the sheds that our sheddies create they put everything into it.

From off-the-shelf sheds that the sheddie have decorated and turned into their own escapes, to hand-built ecosheds, the range of talents of the sheddie is unbelievable, you can view the wonderful Shed of the year 2009 finalists here.

The kite cabin is perfect as its not only hand built but I would think most sheddie would love a location like that, the seclusion makes it a great hideway but with all the things you would need, right when I am I visiting!

The shed judges also had these comments to make on the competition:

Sarah Beeny, TV property developer:
“The shed quality gets better and better each year – it seems more and more people are embracing the joy of sheds! Though I was tempted by Grumpy’s Palace as it looks just like my office, The Kite Cabin was perfect! Well done!!”

Chris Evans, TV personality and Radio 2 DJ:
“Grumpy’s shed was a great shed but nothing that nice and welcoming should be called grumpy – I’m saying next year change the name and you’re in with a shout, son. The disco shed so nearly got my vote for obvious reasons – DJ love etc – but let’s face it, it’s not a shed, it is in fact a vehicle born out of the most extreme capitalist culture and although, whilst spreading music, lights and fun where ere it may come to rest, pitch up and plug in, it is nevertheless, at its very core, a money-making wooden machine on wheels.

“In my opinion my favourite is the delightful, delectable, cool yet not pretentious – Dingly Dell. A shed indeed fit for a princess.”

Alex Johnston, Editor of
“National Shed Week once again showcases the many ways in which the shed concept is central to the lives of millions of people, not just in the UK, but around the planet. The finalists have again shown that there is really no limit to the ways in which we can use the smallest room not in the house. Surely it’s time that television property programmes stopped concentrating on ‘grand designs’ and started focusing on ‘small wonders’?”

Rico Daniels, TV’s Salvager:
“Of all the sheds featured the Kite Cabin is the one I would most like to own and spend time in. The construction is both unusual and visually appealing, making novel use of a difficult plot. It creates the sort of hideaway that would lift your spirits as you approached it and again as you enjoyed the interior and the views it offers . It is well-appointed and low-impact making good use of alternative technology and the ease with which it sits in the landscape makes it a real contender in my view.”

Tim McNeil, Shed of the Year 2008 winner:
“What a difficult job with so many beautiful sheds. You have to admire the eco shed for the amount of work that went into it as carefully recounted by the owner and the substantial building he created and the ecological case. However, the one that really took my breath away was Kite Cabin. I would love to have designed it and built it – and to own it must be just fantastic.”

Tony Rogers, Shed of the Year 2007 winner:
“The Kite Cabin -It’s all his own design and build too. The view out down the garden is fantastic. With a TV, satellite, stove, carpets, video, telescope, toilet and beds. What more could you need. Maybe a phone to order the take-aways! Do they deliver take-aways to the top of the garden in West Wales?

I would like to give me personal thanks to all the sheddies that took part for all your hard work and innovation in the shedworld, thanks to the judges for taking time out.

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The International Shed of the Year 2009 will be announced tomorrow, as it’s been a difficult decision!

Now I wonder what you lot can produce for next years competition Shed of the Year 2010, Get building then get sharing.

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


    1. There has already been the 2010 winner and there will certainly be a 2011 competition. You need to contact uncle wilco who runs the competition and this site. Good luck!

  1. Well done Steve. A very worthy winner. Congratulations.
    PrincessTat of Tinkle Shed

  2. Hi Steve,

    You won't forget your friends when your cheese deliveries arrive will you!! Congrats and well done. See you Sunday as usual

    Steve & Roni

  3. Well done Steven. A great shed, and in West Wales too.

    Pub Shed of the Year 2009

  4. Well done. would make a great pubshed, enjoy your title and the cheese!!!!! from Mandy the Landlady of the Forge and Flagon pubshed xxxxx

  5. Thanks Andy, There must be something in the air over here. Either that or we have too much time on our hands. Congrats on winning the Pub Shed catergory.

    Steven Harwood

  6. The winning shed is lovely, no doubt about it. Congratulations!

    But I would like to take Chris Evans up his comments on the Disco Shed when he claims that at its core it is a money-making machine. He couldn't be more wrong. At its core the Disco Shed is about people enjoying themselves and always has been for both the organisers and the punters, and for this reason it absolutely embodies the spirit of sheds universally. I'd love it to make good money for those who work so hard within it and are so passionate about taking the party spirit wherever they're welcome that they've spent all their spare cash on it.

  7. Thank you all sooo much for voting for my Cabin and all the fantastic comments. I hope it inspires people to get on and do, and not just think about it. Lifes too short. Even if you cant build yourself use your imagination and get someone who can do it for you. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

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