The most secure shed in Wales, maybe Britain?

The trumpet of truth reports on a unique “shed” in a coppers back garden.

robin-mellor Picture Peter Bolter - Media Wales

WORLD War II history buff Robin Mellor came up with a rather drastic solution when he discovered a wartime pillbox was under threat from a modern housing development – he moved it to his back garden.

Policeman Robin, 32, was on patrol in Llandow, in the Vale of Glamorgan, when he spotted the pillbox on Llandow Airfield and decided that it should be kept for posterity.

The airfield served as a vital aircraft storage base during the war and the pillbox was one of several that helped protect the airfield from enemy attack.

And Robin was concerned that if the Luftwaffe could not destroy the Pickett-Hamilton Fort pillbox, a housing development planned for the airfield in future years was threatening to do so. So Robin, whose grandfather, Jesse, served in the Home Guard in Pontypridd, decided that his garden was the only place for it and got Leckwith-based Dragon Rescue to lift the five-ton pillbox from the airfield and transport it to the garden of his home in Llanharan

Ok its not techincally a shed, but Iam sure one of you clever sheddies can turn it into a great place to potter!

Thanks to Workshopshed for the heads up.

By Andrew Wilcox

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