Suggs loves spending time in a shed by the sea

Suggs from Madness talks in the telegraph about his love for a beach hut in Whitstable

My wife’s family are from Whitstable and I’ve been going there for 30 years. As I’m a Londoner, the seaside has always had a special allure, and as it’s only about an hour-and-a-half’s drive from where I live, it’s a perfect weekend destination.

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Creative Commons License Not Suggs Wife’s Shed : credit: fast eddie 42

My wife’s family have a beach hut – in reality, a glorified woostoke by naylandden shed, but it has all the requirements: a little Calor gas stove for rustling up a sausage sandwich, and a standpipe down the road so you can make a cup of tea. There’s something about being able to look out at the sea that I find so relaxing. Perhaps it’s because I was born in Hastings – or the fact that living in London means you never really get to see the horizon?

By Andrew Wilcox

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