Whats your best invention?

According to the BBC The Science Museum in London has chosen a top 10 list of its most significant objects, as part of events marking its centenary. The public will be invited to vote on this list of scientific breakthroughs. These “icons” of science will become part of a centenary trail for visitors to the…


Shed judge trevor gets Honorary Doctorate

Please to here from the BBC [singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=center] The inventor of the wind up radio Trevor Baylis is to be presented with an Honorary Doctorate. Former stuntman Mr Baylis OBE will be among five people honoured by Northampton University this summer.

Judge Trevor opens Mens Shed

The northwich guardian reports that Shed of the Year judge Trevor Baylis has opened a mens shed… we are fans of these after hearing them from Oz, Iam glad Age concern in the UK is following suite. ELDERLY men now have a new place to hone their skills and learn new ones – in a…

Shed of the year 2009 judge: Trevor Baylis

It’s my great pleasure again this year that I can announce that top British inventor and renowned sheddie and pipe smoker Trevor Baylis has agreed to be one of the judges again in this years Shed of the year 2009. As you all know Trevor was the brains behind the clockwork radio and many other…

Shed week: Judge Trevor Baylis’s shed

Shed of the Year judge has a great video giving an insight into his life and it also shows a brief clip of his shed/workshop and profiles the book Inventing for Dummies. At home with Trevor BaylisUploaded by ForDummies

More prizes for the Shed of the year Winner

Not only will the shed of the year 2008 owner get £500 worth of prizes from our main sponsor Garden Building Direct and have a choice of what to get from their lovely websites. I can now announce that our shed friends at thecheeseshed and make mine a builders tea have given some great prizes…

What our judges say about Shed week

You may have noticed the panel on the right with some quotes in, I thought I would get them in one place. ‘Another exciting year for sheddies – this competition is a beautiful example of how the British are not just skilled craftsmen but have great imaginations not to mention excellent senses of humour’ Sarah…

Trevor sells Lego workshop for charity

Celebrities and politicians are selling their Lego creations on eBay to mark the toy’s 50th anniversary. Trevor Baylis is an inventor whose most famous invention is a wind-up radio. Aged 70, he runs Trevor Baylis Brands, a company dedicated to aiding inventors. “When I picked up the box of Lego I did wonder what I…

Happy birthday Trevor

Belated happy wossname to Shed of the year judge Trevor Bayliss for the 13th May he is now 71! A grand age for a sheddie, just getting to his prime!

Shed Video: Eco Media Player

Shed of the Year judge and of course windup things Inventor Trevor Baylis explains the story behind the Eco Media Player. You can buy them from Natural Collection