Whats your best invention?

According to the BBC

The Science Museum in London has chosen a top 10 list of its most significant objects, as part of events marking its centenary.

The public will be invited to vote on this list of scientific breakthroughs.

These “icons” of science will become part of a centenary trail for visitors to the South Kensington museum.

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Trevor Baylis, the inventor, says he would vote for the V2 rocket engine

“It’s one of the greatest achievements of our time because it led to space exploration, and then satellite development, which then led to mobile phones and the astounding communication services we enjoy today,” he said.

of course Trev’s wind up radio should be on there!


Judge Trevor opens Mens Shed

The northwich guardian reports that Shed of the Year judge Trevor Baylis has opened a mens shed… we are fans of these after hearing them from Oz, Iam glad Age concern in the UK is following suite.

image copyright Northwich Guardian
image copyright Northwich Guardian

ELDERLY men now have a new place to hone their skills and learn new ones – in a special shed.

Age Concern Cheshire has created the ‘Men in Sheds’ project, where they hope men will interact with their community in a workshop at Hartford Business Centre.

The project promotes the benefits of being active later in life, with activities including woodwork.

In the specially converted workshop, machines such as belt sanders, dust extractors and workbenches sit ready for men to craft their very own piece of art.

One of the ‘Men in Sheds’, Ralph Little, 70, from Rudheath, said the project had got him out of the house.

He said: “I think it’s a wonderful idea. I was here two days ago and I spent six hours in this workshop.

“It has been months since I have felt well and after my session here I went home and felt good. It’s got me back doing something, which I haven’t done for a long while.”

Wind-up radio inventor Trevor Bayliss OBE, special guest of honour at the unveiling, said many of his inspirations came from working in his shed.

“I have got thousands of gadgets and gizmos at home and they have all come about from my shed, so I am very pleased to be here today.”

Shed of the year 2009 judge: Trevor Baylis

It’s my great pleasure again this year that I can announce that top British inventor and renowned sheddie and pipe smoker Trevor Baylis has agreed to be one of the judges again in this years Shed of the year 2009.


As you all know Trevor was the brains behind the clockwork radio and many other life changing inventions.

Trevor has always worked tirelessly to promote the cause of the lone inventor, and has been concerned about the neglect of invention, inventors, and intellectual property in the UK for many years. To help improve this situation, he set up a company called Trevor Baylis Brands plc which helps inventors take their products to market.

Such as the Eco Media Player Revolution, Mini Eco Radio and the handy Eco Lantern and the Eco-Pro Torch and Mobile Phone Charger!

These products are available from the Ethicial Superstore

Trevor Joins the other judges for this years competition, Chris Evans, Sarah Beeny, Lloyd Alter, Alex (from shedworking), Tim (last years shed winner) and my good-self (unclewilco), so I think he is in good company!

More prizes for the Shed of the year Winner

Not only will the shed of the year 2008 owner get £500 worth of prizes from our main sponsor Garden Building Direct and have a choice of what to get from their lovely websites.

I can now announce that our shed friends at thecheeseshed and make mine a builders tea have given some great prizes to give to the Shed of the year winner.

A ‘Small Wonders‘ Box of Cheese from the official cheese mongers to Shed Week, the Cheese Shed

Ian from the cheeseshed has picked a choice of great West Country cheeses for the shed winner.

The cheeseshed is celebrating the artisan cheese of the West country, based on our enthusiasm for the great range of cheeses produced around us, many of which are up there with the best in the world. We’re particularly keen to include artisan cheeses, coming from small makers using traditional methods.

20 packs of Make Mine a Builders tea (1600 teabags!!!)

Builders have known it for years, a good, strong, refreshing cup of tea is the best way to quench a thirst. Now the British public can enjoy a real Builder’s brew with Make Mine a Builders; developed specifically for Builder’s Tea drinkers and tested by a panel of 300 Builders to get their seal of approval.

A good Builder doesn’t scrimp on quality tools therefore Make Mine a Builders is an ethically sourced tea made from East African leaves, the perfect balance of strength and refreshment.

The tea is available at Asda for £1.40 a pack.

Shed Judge Trevor Baylis’s production company has provided a great LED ECO LANTERN to the winner.

The LED ECO LANTERNâ„¢ is a new and unique idea from the TCL design team. It can be hand wound anytime, anyplace! (Optional 2-way power, can recharge from mains, or recharge from 12v car socket.

ecolamIt utilises state-of-the-art LED technology and an eco-friendly winding mechanism to create 20 minutes of ambient light from every 1 minute of winding. A full wind gives an incredible 4 hours of continuous light and you will never need to replace a bulb or battery — so no future costs and guaranteed light when you need it.

If you are would like to promote your products/company by giving our wining sheddie a shedful of stuff, then contact me, we are already getting some great press both on and offline.

of course if you product is beer I may want to get a sample!.

What our judges say about Shed week

You may have noticed the panel on the right with some quotes in, I thought I would get them in one place.

‘Another exciting year for sheddies – this competition is a beautiful example of how the British are not just skilled craftsmen but have great imaginations not to mention excellent senses of humour’
Sarah Beeny

The beauty of a garden office is that it combines the popular yearning for a pastoral ideal with the practicalities of technological development and guards our privacy in the way that an open-plan office – even if you call it something exciting like a ‘den’ or a ‘hive’ – never can. .
Alex from shedworking.co.uk

It’s fantastic that beach huts are getting in on the competition this year. Unlike sheddies, beach hut owners often have to work within restrictions about size and colour yet they still manage to create some wonderfully individual seaside hideaways.’ Dr Kathryn Ferry

‘My shed is much more than a place to store the garden tools.’ – Tony : Shed of the year 2007 winner

Trevor sells Lego workshop for charity

Celebrities and politicians are selling their Lego creations on eBay to mark the toy’s 50th anniversary.

Trevor Baylis is an inventor whose most famous invention is a wind-up radio. Aged 70, he runs Trevor Baylis Brands, a company dedicated to aiding inventors.

“When I picked up the box of Lego I did wonder what I was going to do with it. I thought that the obvious thing would be to make a building but that’s a bit boring. Then I looked around my workshop – the graveyard of a thousand domestic appliances – and I said, ‘Blimey, this is perfect’, so I’ve made a reproduction of my workshop.

“There’s my workbench with my lathe on it, my pillar drill, my grinding wheel, my grindstone, a computer and a first-aid box. It was a bit of fun, and you know what, I can understand why kids play with it: it’s good stuff.

“I’m a Meccano man, simply because Lego wasn’t around when I was born. I couldn’t write my name but I could do the most amazing things with Meccano and I could tell you what bolt, what washer, gear and goodness knows what by the time I was five. There’s an expression I like, ‘chance favours the prepared mind’. It means that there are certain skills in your life you’ll never forget, and they are the sort of skills that Lego and Meccano give you.”

Who Will be Shed of the Year 2008? Tardis, Beach Hut or Humble Shed.

Official Shed Partner For Shed Week 2008

Share your shed for “Shed of the Year 2008” and win £500 worth of prizes.

The race is on to win the coveted Shed of the Year title which will be held this summer as part of the second National Shed Week.


We are very pleased to announce that one of the UK’s leading online garden building companies, Garden Buildings Directwill be the official sponsor and shed partner for this year’s Shed Week and will be providing the grand prize for the Shed of the Year Competition.

The grand prize will total £500 and the winner will be able to choose products from Garden Buildings Direct or products from one of their sister websites selling extensive ranges of garden furniture, outdoor toys, fitness equipment and BBQ’s.

Organised by the internationally famous readersheds.co.uk, National Shed Week (which runs from July 7 until July 13 2008) will celebrate one of the cornerstones of British culture, the not so humble Garden Shed.

Can this year’s sheddies beat the wonderful and unique sheds that we showcased in the inaugural Shed Week last year, including the amazing Shed of the Year 2007 which was a Roman Temple built by Tony Rogers?

This year’s judges are property guru Sarah Beeny, wind-up radio inventor Trevor Baylis, Professor of beach huts Kathryn Ferry and Shedworking expert Alex Johnson, Eco-architect Lloyd Alter and to give his sheddies eye view last years winner Tony Rogers.

Sheddies are still welcome to “Share their Sheds” and can enter their buildings on the website ready for the judging in Late June.

About the sponsor
Garden Buildings Direct is part of a number of websites owned by Kybotech Ltd started in 2000, however the business family tree goes back to 1878. Charles & William Walton are the 5th generation of the Walton family connected with the manufacturing of garden buildings and garden related products, based in Sutton-on-Trent the centre for garden buildings since 1927.

They are an online retailer who successfully operate a family of home, garden and leisure retail brands:

Simply Garden Furniture

Outdoor Toys Direct

Flaming Barbecues

Garden Centre Direct

Simply Fitness Equipment


Their main product lines go under the brand name of BillyOh.com with ranges of Wooden Sheds, Plastic Garden Sheds, Metal Garden Sheds, Summerhouses, Metal Greenhouses, Wooden Garden Storage, Plastic Garden Storage, Gazebos, Home Offices, Shed Security, Shed Electrics and Arbours as well as garden furniture and BBQ’s.

About National Shed Week

This is the second year we have run the competition which pits wooden sheds against TARDIS, garden offices against beach huts in a battle royal to win the title of Shed of the Year 2008.

After the success of last year’s Shed Week and the great reaction we got from press and the public, Sarah Beeny has agreed to become a judge again, along with inventor and entrepreneur Trevor Baylis.

They are joined by Shedworking expert Alex Johnson, Kathryn Ferry who is a beach hut expert and Treehugger and Eco-housing guru Lloyd Alter.

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