Shed Week: Shed Photo do we have a winner?

After many hours of wossname and pointing, I was going to announce the winner of our Flickr Shed Week photo competition today, but myself and Alex can’t decide which of these great shed photos should win.

So it’s up to you the readers to vote… below.

Potting Shed hdr by jamesroberts

Taken in a place with no name
A high dynamic range picture of a local Ravenglass potting shed – why photograph a potting shed, why not, it was there and seemed like a good idea at the time.
With the increase in world food prices I suspect we will see more people turning to growing their own vegetables.

Outback Shed andrewskegg

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If you are looking for the actual Shed of the year 2008 click here.

  • Good luck fellas great images that show sheds to their best

  • James Roberts

    Very surprised to make it this far.

  • Oh wow! I am honoured 🙂