Great examples of people making amazing things in their sheds

I have been a massive fan of the Workshop shed since day one of (it’s not just pub sheds for me you know) they are the backbone of the shed community someone disappears down the shed to MAKE something amazing – So here are some of the great things that out very creative sheddies are making in their sheds NOW (or yesterday)

1) A Topsy Turvy clock


Andy of Workshopshed has been a great supporter of readersheds for ages and I finally met him recently and he mentioned this project he was working on.

Making things challenges and inspires me, so when I saw a clock with Topsy Turvy numbers on a kids tv show, I just knew I had to make it real.

2014-09-26 09.55.08

You can read all about the clock build at Andy’s Blog.

2) Bunting and banners

Carole is new to but she has a very colourfull shed and is very busy

I have painted and done up the chair I have recovered and the curtains I have made I love recycling things taking something and using it for something else the curtains are used from clothing people have not wanted I do buntings and banners I make my own design and do not follow patterns its more fun that way.

3) All sorts!


Lyndon not only has a turret on his shed inside he makes all sorts of amazing creations.

A second wickwork car. (similar but different to photo)

Finishing the prop driven tricycle (see photo inside shed shot)

And modifying the mechanical orchestra which is running in marquee next to shed.

4) Birdhouses


Mike’s shed was featured on the Shed of the year TV show and his creations are very unique.

Some of the images are of unfinished birdhouses I’m working on at the moment. Some of the other images are of birdhouses different situations with a few words attached. These are either web sourced images or images of the garden.

This is another shedtime occupation, composing and displaying my birdhouses in typical and sometimes not so typical locations.

5) Art work


Sheddie Nic is an animal artist who works from her shed.

Here’s a photo of the commission I’m working on at the moment, Archie the Jack Russel, the first of my Christmas commissions to come from the Ladyshed this year.

Dare I say it, I’m just planning for Christmas Fayres, a local apple day, and designing a new chicken themed, Christmas card. I’m going to need a fire in here soon, it’s going to get chilly!

2014-10-01 08.44.51

6) Designing Wedding invitations amongst other things.


Nicola runs her graphic design business (the same name as her shed) – she recently got married so has some background in her current work 🙂 congrats Nic btw!

I have recently been working on various invitations for weddings (including my own), birthdays, baby showers and Christenings and I am currently creating my own design range of invitations and related products which I hope to launch very soon.

7) Giant Spray Painted Animals
The Stencil Shed

NO list would complete without Syd and his Stencil Shed

This week and for the next two months I will mainly be in my shed dreaming up artworks for Bath Christmas Markets ’18 days in a shed a show’

Had a Star Wars session today.


Bonus one from Hilary and her Huttli Cabin/Summerhouse – MAKING is not just for workshops and studio sheds.

This is what I’m making in huttli at the moment, a crochet blanket.

So sheddies what are you making in your shed at the moment?

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear