The shedblog is on holiday

I’m off on holiday from the shed for a week.. Alex from will be posting the odd thing here, if he has time and he thinks it’s related to what you shedblog readers want, so look out for proper use of grammer and spelling… Also if you have shared your shed then it won’t… Continue reading The shedblog is on holiday

Shed slogans

The world is full of famous slogans. “Hello Moto” “Just do it” “Hello boys” “Because you’re worth it” “Nowt taken out” “They drink it in the Congo” “A Double Diamond works wonders” “Guinness is good for you” “Reassuringly expensive.” “Smooth Like No Other.” etc etc etc and of course the now wossname “We/I Love Sheds”… Continue reading Shed slogans

Shed Side Blog of Bits

You may notice there will be little bits of interesting (I think) info/posts in the righthand side of under the title of Bits, in fact this is a wordpress plugin called Sideblog and it’s great for adding quick posts about stuff that may not full posts but just asides to the main nonsense. basically… Continue reading Shed Side Blog of Bits