The winner of shed of the year 2012 – is the pub shed “Woodhenge” owned by John Plumridge

It’s with great pleasure I announce the winner of Shed of the year 2012 – Wood Henge owned by John Plumridge from Shrewsbury.

It was a such great example of the passion that the sheddies have and it’s amazing that John just started with a pagoda in this garden and has built his shed up from nothing into a great space for friends and family – John mainly used recycled wood from a shut down garden centre to make the majority of the

its a brilliant use of space and shows that with some time and lots of effort you can create the prefect escape down the bottom of the garden.

I loved how he has turned the walls inside into a feature showing off all the empty beer bottles that he and the many visitors to Woodhenge have consumed over the past four years.

John tells me he’s not finished yet – so I look forward to seeing the additions and no idea what he’s going to to with his other sheds (yes he has lots)

 Feel free to use the photos online but please link back here.

This years competition was the toughest yet as all the finalists had so much going for them all and many unique ways of using their sheds.

Many thanks to all the sheddies who have worked hard this year and have campaigned to get their sheds noticed.

From our Sponsors Cuprinol.

From more than 2,000 creative garden dens, the winner of the highest shed accolade has been announced. John Plumridge from Shrewsbury will be raising a glass in his pub shed as it is crowned the winner of the 2012 Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol.

The humble garden shed has offered Brits a sanctuary from the stresses of family life for decades, but now this Shropshire sheddie has taken the concept to new heights with his quaintly named Woodhenge Pub Shed. Spending over four years converting his beloved shed, John completed it with a beer bottle collection of over 500 real ales and 110 ciders, all on display for local sheddies who often pop by for a swift pint.

John Plumridge,  “When I was told I’d won the competition, I was absolutely thrilled. Normally I’m a very chatty and jovial person but I did find myself lost for words and I must confess to having “shed” a tear. I’ve been working on “Woodhenge” for around four years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t even hazard a guess at the cost involved but it’s a great venue for our family and friends to party in and the good thing is we haven’t got too far to get home.”

This worthy winner has been announced to launch the start of National Shed Week (2nd – 8th July). In preparation for this sought after accolade, shed obsessed Brits up and down the country have spent the last year restoring, renovating and patiently pottering in preparation for the annual celebration of their garden getaways. And all in the hope of taking home the grand prize of £1000 cash and shed loads of products from sponsors Cuprinol, but more importantly, the honour of being crowned the nation’s best shed.

The Shed of the year judges – ‘Head Sheddie’ and creator of the competition Uncle Wilco, property guru and shed fan Sarah Beeny, world famous author & sheddie Neil Gaiman,  author and creator of Shedworking Alex Johnson, and 2011 winner Jon Earl – picked from the most creative, innovative and barmy entries.

Sarah Beeny “Shed of the Year is a great inspiration and clearly encourages people to get creative with their sheds. I am really happy that a pub shed has won after I created my own Kings Head pub shed for Cuprinol, which is currently on display in Rufford Park in Nottingham. Hopefully others will be inspired to create their own sheddy haven too.”

John’s pub shed which won the pub shed category went on to beat off stiff competition from the winners of the seven other competition categories including Normal, Eco, Garden Office, Cabin/Summerhouse, Workshop/Studio, Unique, Pub and Tardis. Entries included homage to Dr Who’s Tardis, a floating shed, mini post office museum and an eco friendly solar shed.

Kathryn Ledson, Cuprinol Marketing Manager, comments: “This years Shed of the Year competition has seen some of the quirkiest entries ever, proving that the humble shed is no longer just a convenient storage solution and is now an important addition to the home. Cuprinol’s recent celebrity sheddies, Vic Reeves, Sarah Beeny, Joanne Harris, Alex Johnson and Christian O’Connell, have proven to be true inspirations as entries have flooded in from budding sheddies across the nation. We are proud to award the prize to this worthy winner who has created something which is fast becoming a British institution – a pub at the end of your garden.”

With over 15 million shed owners in the UK2 it’s no surprise that Cuprinol has seen shed loads of entries from up and down the country. Those in London submitted the most shed entries (63) followed by 42 sheddies in Kent then those in Lancashire and Essex with 35 shed entries each.

And it was the Garden Office category which proved the very popular this year seeing more than 125 entries – perhaps not surprisingly as 29 per cent of people now admit to using their favourite outdoor hideout as a place to work.

So if you think your garden retreat has what it takes to be crowned Shed of the Year, why not submit your entry from August for the 2013 competition at!

Top 3 sheds

1st Woodhenge John[ Henry] Plumridge,A garden in Shrewsbury

2nd The Water Shed Geoff Hill, Smuggler’s Cove, Aberdyfi – Gwynedd

3rd  The Stencil Shed –  “Syd” – Malmesbury, Wiltshire

I will later in the week post the top ten in each category as I know you sheddies like to see how you did.

Behind the shed

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By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. Hi John! When I saw your shet in the photos I could not believe to my eyes…It is beautiful and very original! Congratulations!

    1. Dear Martina,How much better it would look with you in it,hope the course was benificial and by the looks of your comment you are doing very well,Thanks for the comment and hope you can get some more for me all the way from Italy.that would be fantastic.Kind regards.

  2. Congratulations John, A great shed and truly unique. Best Wishes from Tony Rogers, winner of the first Shed Of The Year contest in 2007 with the Roman Temple.

    1. Hi Tony,Many thanks for your time and very kind message,the whole thing has been quite overwhelming,I am very proud to have become the sixth member of this exclusive winners club,long may it continue,for those that were so close,if at first you don’t ?? Kind regards, John Henry.

    1. Grandpa Gra,One comment i recieved during the competition was simply “WOW” Yours is even more “WOW” Thankyou,Kind regards, John Henry.

  3. Greetings from Eugene, Oregon, U.S.

    John – I love your shed. Many thanks for describing its evolution, and sharing photos and details of its construction. I also love the pub theme of your shed.

    The shed concept as practised in your part of the garden is only just starting to catch on here, as is the idea of community garden plots. Sure, community gardens have existed, at least in my town, for thirty years, but only in the last decade have they been becoming popular in the U.S.

    I know that in my town, Eugene, the community gardens were directly inspired by the British concept of Allotments.

    I understand that community gardens are a bit different than Allotments, and that now community gardens are happening in Britain – but the ones in my town were inspired by the British Allotment. I also seem to recall, although I can’t find the reference, that the community garden movement was inspired at least in part by British Allotments.

    Anyway, enough of my pedantry. I love your shed ant its theme, I’m happy to have found this shedblog, and congratulations on winning!


  4. While I admire this shed (well, if you like pubby-type sheds) I do feel this really isn’t a shed as I know them to be, more a large wooden building, could almost be a 2nd home – well, for this beer lover it possibly is! I do think there should be a size limit to constructions which are known as ‘sheds’.
    Margaret P

    1. Dear Margaret P,may i point out, as my dear wife has already, that i am not,as you say”a beer lover”quite the opposite,.we like to see others enjoy themselves hence the great party venue we have created,as size is obviously an issue i’m surprised that you find this large erection offensive.

        1. Dear Margaret,great that you have a sense of humour too,we have planned a bit of a do for sat 14th,should it not be too far,you and your partner would be most welcome,XX

    1. Declan,Those conical thingamywhatsits are terracotta with star shaped holes with a light inside for when its dark.where you got to come from.??

  5. Congratulations. A beer shed is what every man needs. And yours is pub too. What a lovely idea. I like the diddy Toby jugs. And is that a chimnea in it too for the cold weather? Can I come around for a beer?, please, please, please?

    1. Thank you Nickel for making an effort too,there’s obviously nothing wrong with your eyesight,kind regards,John Henry.

  6. Malmesbury Shedders were with you all of the way Syd!!!!!!! 3rd out of over 2,000 is great! even tho’ its not the win we all wanted. Long live the STENCIL SHED!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Smashing place to escape to,and i’ve got my own tele, AND Remote,Ha,you stay in and watch your soaps dear,i’ll keep an eye on “The Shed”

    1. Dear George,thanks for spending the time to send your msg,just noticed after 4 months that i had not replied,show me yours and i’ll show you mine !! and i’m not talking about Dragon’s,Regards.

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