I procrastinate about doing a shedbook then two Amercian sheddies come along and have a go.


Yes it’s the first and last time you will read a long word like that in a blog headline here on shed blog – but it sums up what I do best – and you think that this shed lark is all fun!

I have been going on about doing a shedbook for a few years – but what with the fast pace of the interwebs it will probably end up being a self published e book (before the bubble bursts) that my mother will buy or in the virtual bargain bin.

I have even tried to get cash crowdsource funding via the enterprise nation and paypal – to get me started with a decent tripod so I can go and visit sheddies (need a new car first, mine wont make it over the Severn bridge) – see finding excuses.

Maybe I need to take a week off work and hitch-hike the “Sheddie trail” (see another idea – they are easy!) round the UK – visit all the past winners and a large handful in between – but I have never been very good at making important decisions (mrsUW has got a pointy stick that is used to push me in the right direction for simple things like buying a jumper or making a pot of tea).

You would think that with the sheds and the sheddies who I love so much (not that way, in a comfy slippers, pipe and pint of ale way)

I would be off out every other weekend taking photos of your great sheds – I turned forty last October and had plans of doing different things monthly – not done one thing yet FFS – see ideas but no action.

Anyway while I sit here and wonder what could be – even trying to plan what sheds I will include gives me a headache, well you have seen all the great sheds on readersheds – how can I get it down to a manageable number.

In steps two sheddies who are doing it themselves – ok not the Official Guide to shed week and sheddies – but their own take on sheds, they are both based in that America. – so doing stuff is in their nature 🙂

Sheddie :David A. Lottes from House of fallen timbers


In the spring of 2010 David began a journal of his attempt to build a small log cabin from dead trees and found materials on a blog titled “House of Fallen Timbers.” Since that time his blog has had more than 7000 visitors from over eighty different countries. Last year David published a novel titled “Ouabache” using the print on demand service know as LULU. After learning to navigate LULU’s publishing process, David turned his blog into a blook. The blook titled “House of Fallen Timbers is a 32 page illustrated 9×7 paperback made up of selected entries and 15 color photos from the first six months of his journal. It was during this time period that the cabin went from an idea to a reality.

David has sent me a detailed email with the whole process of getting a book on Lulu – which Iam sure he would be happy to share with anyone who is looking at the service.

You can buy his book over at Lulu

and now Sheddie Maundy Mitchell her of the lovely The Church of Gardening is working on a book about sheds in New England – so if you have a shed in that area then contact her.

so everyone is at it (even Alex has a new book out, not on sheds thankfully) – but I really need to get a move on don’t want shed center of the universe (Wales, UK) to be left behind.

So this time next year remind me to read this post…..

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