What gadget you could not do without in your shed – What you said

Last week I asked on twitter and facebook.

Here are some of the gadgets that the sheddies said they used

When full (about 3 mugs full) it takes about a minute to boil

Studio gadget to enable painting without frantic terrier leg pawing… Dungeness Open Studios dog – ‘JET’

But the strangest one is this from Maundy Mitchell

Maundy Mitchell The Coop Defense System–a motion-activated, blaring alarm meant to scare off bears when they come around my shed. See, one improvement to my shed is the little chicken coop next to it. I love my chickens, and so do bears. Somehow, we don’t look at them the same way. I have been known to run at bears, yelling. So far, that has worked–they run away. My husband, for some reason, didn’t think this was a good idea so he made the Coop Defense System. Though it probably scares the bejesus out of the chickens as well, I do think it has saved them a time or two.

By Andrew Wilcox

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