News from downunder : Murwillumbah Community Men’s Shed

Further to my recent post about Men sheds in the UK, Maddog has contacted me about theirs.

Murwillumbah Community Men’s Shed, far north coast of New South Wales in the Tweed region.

We have had a steering committee for just over 3 years. The Tweed Shire Council has given us a decommissioned water pump shed for a peppercorn rent, ($20 for 20 years).

We had to get it ready by removing two large concrete pump plinths together with steel mounts and reo, then concrete the floor to a flat surface so as to use for a woodwork room 11 by 5 metres. Also paint and build bench tops for a computer room 5 by 5metres.

A store room, paint and build shelves 2.4 by 2.4 metres. Another room off that will be a metal work room 5 by 5 metres. It will have a metal work lathe, 1907 printing press, (to be restored) welding equipment and shadow tool board. Another room about 3.4 by 9 metres will be a kitchenette and meeting room. We are also restoring a concrete block 6 by 6 metre shed out the back which will be used for small engine repairs, vehicle restoration, welding etc.

Also where there were a couple of large transformers, (remember there were 3, 400HP motors running these pumps) we will roof and use for a storage area. We have a small flattish area for a garden, and also above a short wall, which will be good for those blokes with bad backs!!

The Tweed Shire Council have already built two toilets, one for disable to use. We have cut doors suitable for wheel chairs, started installing power points (lucky, we have an electrician as a member) and lots more to do. We hope to be officially opened on the 18th Feb 2012 with music, bbq, and some entertainment. So if your in Australia, give the Pres a ring.

The mobile Men’s Shed operated for nearly 3 and a half years from 2002. We are a member of the AMSA.

By Andrew Wilcox

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