Welcome to Shed of the year 2012 judge – Author and sheddie : Neil Gaiman

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce our latest Shed judge for Shed of the year 2012 – Neil Gaiman.

If you have been hiding under your shed for the last few years – Neil is an internationally renowned author of fiction, graphic novels, TV and films.

His notable works include the comic book series The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book.

He also recently wrote an episode of BBC TV’s Dr Who – the Doctors Wife – which really brought the TARDIS to life (as you know we have a soft spot for TARDIS sheds on readersheds)

He also writes from his Shed near Minneapolis in Minnesota (this extract taken from Alex’s authoritative shedworking book)

“I had the gazebo built about 15 years ago and go through phases of using it, and then I’ll abandon it for 5 years, then rediscover it with delight,” he says.

“I love walking to the bottom of the garden, and settling down to write. Nothing ever happens down there. I can look out of the window and some wildlife will occasionally look back, but mostly it’s just trees, and they are only so interesting for so long, so I get back to writing, very happily.

There are heaters down there, because it gets cold here in winter, and blankets on the chairs, ditto, and I have to try and remember not to leave bottles of ink on the table as they freeze.

It’s just out of reach of the house wi-fi, too, which is a good thing.”

We hope you will welcome Neil as a Shed of the year judge and I look forward to his many fans learning to love sheds as much as we do, here on shedblog and readersheds.

You can follow Neil on twitter and read about his work on his website(link).

Neil Joins Sarah Beeny , Alex from that shedworking, Last years winner Jon Earl and my goodself to judge the best shed based competition in the world!

Last years Category winners are here and the previous overall winners are here – in case you want to get some inspiration to share your shed for 2012.

Shed Week 2012 will take place during the week starting 2nd July 2012 – If you would like more information then please contact me.

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By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear

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