DIY Project : Putting a new roof on a workshop shed

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Andy from Workshopshed has posted this on our forum(now defunct) about his New roof on his shed.

It still needs some finishing but I swapped out my old roof with a new one with insulation, felt and a big polycarbonate window.

But you can read the full shed roof job over at his blog.

When I inherited the Workshopshed I was impressed by the clear plastic roof and how much light it gave. However as the first winter hit I spotted that it provided no thermal insulation at all and also had some issues with leaking which I attempted to patch up. In the summer the opposite problem occurred at the workshopshed became unbearably hot.

The corrugated PVC had become discoloured in the sun and when I removed some of it from the side I also discovered that the UV had made it really brittle.

So it obviously had to be replaced so I thought about how it could be done. I looked multiwall polycarbonate sheets and these seemed to have better thermal properties than the old PVC.
However when I costed out replacing the whole roof with that material it was quite expensive. So I then looked at replacing the roof with wood and insulation with a traditional roofing felt and a smaller pannel of polycarbonate.

Over the last 4 days I’ve stripped off the old roof and with some help replaced it with a new one.

Andy has also kindly written a guest blog post about battering down the hatches for Winter .

Ff you have any tips for our sheddies for the Winter or any shed build projects you would like to share then please Contact me and I will do a blog post about it.

By Andrew Wilcox

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