Shed judge Chris Evans in disco shed furor?

Well Alex thinks so.. 😉

I did an interview for my local (national) Welsh Sunday newspaper the other day, and gave them a few quotes from the judges about the sheds this year…. but only some of the quote made it in.

Here is the full quote I got from Chris about the Disco Shed

The disco shed so nearly got my vote for obvious reasons – DJ love etc – but let’s face it, it’s not a shed, it is in fact a vehicle born out of the most extreme capitalist culture and although, whilst spreading music, lights and fun where it may come to rest, pitch up and plug in, it is nevertheless, at it’s very core, a money making wooden machine on wheels.


I know that some of the Fans of the disco shed have contacted Chris and myself to complain.. but maybe we can all say the the mantra “I love sheds” 5 times, and be calm..

Good luck to all the sheddies, Shed of the Year 2009 will be announced on Wednesday and you can read all the judges quotes in full then!


Shed judge Chris Evans does well in his other job

Our Shed Judge Chris not only hosted the event he won two awards, lucky he has not added his Shed to Shed of the year as the same may happen!!

sonys chrisevans-Yui Mok/PA Wire
sonys chrisevans-Yui Mok/PA Wire

Chris Evans has scooped two gongs at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ won Music Radio Personality of the Year and the Entertainment Award.

Evans, who also hosted the ceremony, beat Lauren Laverne, Scott Mills, Simon James and Hill and Zane Lowe for the Music Radio Personality of the Year award.

The DJ also came out on top in the Entertainment Award section over Adam and Joe for 6 Music and three Absolute Radio DJs’ shows – Christian O’Connell, Geoff Lloyd, and Tim Shaw’s Absolution.

Source Google PA news

(apparently) Chris Evans is a shed judge – theridiculant

The Daily UK Metro newspaper theridiculant column online is not convinced that Chris Evans is a shed judge


In their paper versions they do not mention their uncertainty


As long as you sheddies know the truth! but thanks for the coverage everything is welcome to see the best sheds on the web.

I suppose that’s the job of the nationals, hopefully some commuters will want to share their sheds ASAP for the closing date.

How can 5 million potential sheddie be wrong!

After my brief appearance on the Chris Evans Show on Radio 2 yesterday..(thanks to the Beeny as well) we have seen a bump in traffic (around 1400 unique visitors yesterday), which is great, but more importantly we have had lots of new sheds added to the readersheds site, you can listen again to the shedcast here, if you can use the iplayer thing

Apparently this morning Radio 2’s other DJ, Terry Wogan mentioned readersheds this morning, and his beardy sheddie underling Boggy Marsh wants to help Chris Evans out with judging, due to his experience of out buildings, you had our chance in the first year boggy, but Sir Tel may not have passed the email onto you! (contact me if this is true as we don’t have enough beards on the judging panel)

One thing, only a handful of the new sheddies have added images, such as this great gym shed Jans Gym.

Ok it’s not your normal shed and looks a bit like a wood box, but thats the point of Shed of the Year, we celebrate all the sheds of the world, not just the traditional ones(which we love as much as the sheddie)


Built it first, then decided to make it into a gym/games room. Almost was a bar, but someone said NO!

so If you add you shed, then please add a few images when you share your shed, you should have got an email, but contact me if you did not.

also if you are interested in sponsoring Shed Week then please let me know.

Your sheddie needs you, live on Radio 2 Chris Evans show


Hopefully yours truly (uncle wilco) will be on the Chris Evan’s drive time show on BBC Radio 2 today around 5.25pm and we will be joined by wonderful shed Judge & Sheddie favorite Sarah Beeny.

sarah beeny

I will mainly trying to get the listeners to add more great sheds to, for this year’s Shed of the Year competition but will also talking to Chris about his role as a judge..

If I sound a bit odder (than normal,that’s the Welsh accent), then that’s my cold (lurgy left from Xmas), but bear with me.

Even though its my third time on the show, I will be nervous, as I never thought my little idea of looking at pictures of peoples sheds would reach such a big audience 5 million people apparently! now if only 5% of those who had a shed put it on the site, we would truly have a lot of sheds (maths never my strong point)

Anyway if you are reading this post and did not understand a word of what I was saying, then here’s some FAQ‘s.

Shed of the year 2009 : Judge Announcement – Chris Evans

DJ Chris Evans of BBC Radio 2 (to name one thing) and friend of readersheds (since I have been on his radio show twice in the past promoting shed week and Shed of the year) has agreed to be a judge in next years Shed of the Year competition, of course Chris may hope a Pub Shed will win again next year!

This year will be our third attempt at celebrating all that is good about sheds, from TARDIS, pub sheds and the new Eco shed categories.

Chris wrote about it on his blog today

I arrive in work and suddenly I feel a smile coming on as I receive an invite from Uncle Wilco to judge The Shed of the Year comp 2009. My, Uncle Wilco I would be delighted. Put me down.

Chris is the first judge to sign up and I hope to get him doing a Q&A in the new year.

Shed Week : Interviewed on Chris Evans Radio2

If you’re were near a radio today around 5.26pm and had it tuned into Radio 2, you would have heard a tired Welsh sheddie blabbering on about Shed Week and our great shed of the Year on the Chris Evan’s show on Radio2.

Chris also said he would be a judge I think he just wants to go to Pub Sheds!, so we will hold that to him!

I have also done some other radio interviews today, so not being unfair to them they were great hosts and getting the sheds out to the BBC local radio the heartland of the sheddies, just ups the profile of the sheds and gets some great competition for next year.