International Shed of the year 2009

If you think your shed is as good as their’s[theres] then please Share your Shed

As you know Shed Week/Shed of the year started out as a National Shed week in the UK after getting so many great sheds on, we had to have an outlet to celebrate them.

But as the international entries poured in we had to do something about it to..

So I asked international judge Lloyd Alter and shed man of the world Alex Johnston to join me in picking one shed from the sheds voted for in the International Category.

So now we not only have Shed of the year (for the British sheds) and now International Shed of the year (for the others), yes its confusing!

It was not an easy decision but I had the casting vote… and went for

The SHED Chuck Witmer, Silver Spring, MD USA

The SHED - Chuck Witmer

OK its a posh shed/workshop and its not the norm here in the UK, but its show what an architectural designed shed can be, Chuck did build it himself and I think if I had the room for it at the end of me garden then its a great looking structure to have.

Here are the finalists in international sheds category voted by the sheddies in our Shed Year 2009 Vote of which Chucks shed was one of them, see if was a hard decision… as they are all different and have some great features – I think our international cousins are getting this shed thing!

The Pip Laura ,Northland, New Zealand, Summerhouse
The Pip - Laura

Eco-Shed James Glave,Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

Eco-Shed - James Glave

Hobbit Hole R Estelle,Kenai, Alaska

Hobbit Hole - R Estelle

Inspiration House Terry Rathje,currently Fairfield, Iowa

Inspiration House - Terry Rathje

The Church of Gardening Maundy Mitchell,White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

The Church of Gardening - Maundy Mitchell