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We have got some good coverage initially online (Twitter was the one of the biggest traffic drivers, thanks #shedweek)

The funniest mention so far about shed week is from SkySports on the Ashes in Cardiff

14.03:”A nice little partnership developing between Pietersen and Collingwood. There were good starts for Strauss Cook and Bopara – but they’re all back in the shed. Well, it is national shed week this week.”

Bumble points out that the Ashes isn’t the only big event taking place in the UK at the moment.

Lot of American design/odd blogs sending loads of traffic, including Apartment Therapy, Dave Barry (Miami herald), Treehugger, Makezine thanks you lot…

And now today in the British newspapers/website

BBC Wales reports on the shed and does a picture gallery.

The Telegraph – Artist wins Shed of the Year

The Guardian –A shed to make any man spit with envy

Independent And Shed of the Year 2009 goes to…

WalesOnline – Welsh winner for Shed of the Year 2009

We have also been mentioned on various radio stations, radio2 and 5live plus I have been interviewed on a few local comemrcial stations.

If you see Shed Week mentioned in a national newspaper or your local paper or anywhere at all , please let me know.

By Andrew Wilcox

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