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I have been following Lee’s work for a while on twitter and love his model sheds so much, he uses them as giveaways to drum up business for his amazing big house models, it’s a great way of getting his work out there, but his sheds deserve the love as well, so here is a quick Q & A – It’s shed related!

1 ) How did you begin modelling?

I began railway modelling – mainly for myself starting with card kits and then progressing to scratch building, moving then to building things for other people.

2) What is your inspiration or are they all based on customers sheds.
My inspiration for sheds came from wanting to give a little piece of my work away as a promotional thing and looked at what I could make relatively quickly that wouldn’t cost me too much. It has lead to me making some particular shed and outbuilding commission requests though, but my go-to model is the standard 6×4 one window shed 🙂

3) Apart from your shed models what is your favourite model you have
built during lockdown

The favourite model I’ve made I think has to be the 5-storey town house with extensive outbuildings to the rear. It was well-received by both the client and on social media.

4) Why do you think your sheds are appreciated

I think there are a lot of shed fans out there and people like miniatures. The sheds are seen as cute and quirky in a way that’s different to a house model, I think the very act of miniaturising something very every day such as a shed gives it an interesting angle

5) What is your shed like

My shed is a basic 6×4 with no windows. It houses a couple of gardening implements, a lawn mower and some really, really industrious spiders 😉

6) What plans do you have for more sheds – will you build fantastical
sheds that don’t exist yet or are you staying in reality with builds
based on people’s sheds

Currently, I am experimenting with viking-themed sheds – my latest is a slightly upscaled wargaming scale shed based on a boat hull shape, I have plans, if I find time, to make a few fantastical sheds, but I have perfected a quick way of making a 6×4 which I will continue to give away as a landmark follower celebration, and of course, should I be requested, make more customer sheds,

You can follow Lee on social media (Twitter & Insta) to buy his work.

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