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These sheddies have not been working from their kitchen or dining room table during this COVID-19 crisis the past 9 months or so, they have been working from their sheds.

Some great examples of sheds being used as creative spaces and garden offices or even as a writing room.

Penkettea Tea Room – Cabin/Summerhouse from Merseyside #shedoftheyear

Penkettea Tea Room is made entirely from reclaimed materials. The windows were saved from 2 houses which had double glazing fitted. The panels are old doors. The roof is made from whatever we had to hand during lockdown, including a bed, a table, pallets, scaffold planks and scrap timber.

Suitcase Trains Hq – Workshop/Studio In my garden #shedoftheyear

Our workshop shed is full of suitcases with rather magical insides. Looking like a left luggage office We make bespoke working trainsets housed in vintage suitcases from here The outside was built by a company, however I wouldn’t wish to mention them as I was threatened when I asked for a feature that I paid for and was told if I didn’t shut up I’d have to pay extra money as they had to trim a tree branch and he wouldn’t disclose how much that would be!!

Stand Up From The Shed Hq – Lockdown-Repurpose from Nottinghamshire #shedoftheyear

It’s the only shed that is being used as a stand up venue for our weekly live streamed comedy show. It’s also used as a writing office for my stand up comedy and writing work. Simple shed, which I insulated, added power to, built a desk and carpeted.

Grey Garden Office – Workshop/Studio from City of London #shedoftheyear

Hello,last year we bought our first house and there wasn’t enough space where i can settle my office.

Fit Architects – Workshop/Studio from Bristol #shedoftheyear

The shed is the home-office for an architect, to escape the noise and clutter of the house and allow them to work while caring for their autistic daughter. It is also used by the family as a peaceful retreat for contemplating the garden and concentrating on homework.

The Pullman Shed – Workshop/Studio from Oxfordshire #shedoftheyear

There is a covenant associated with this shed. When I am done with it, it has to be passed on freely to the next steward for the purposes of some sort of creative work, be it mathematic, masonry, painting, writing, balloon sculpure, knitting….so long as the work is creative.

Art Studio Shed – Workshop/Studio from Somerset #shedoftheyear

This is a shed that houses my collection of natural history specimens, all found. It is also where I make my artwork, illustrate and make ‘how to draw’ videos for youtube and instagram @brokensharkcage. I also make signs for Village events, ‘Drench the Wench’ machines and other fairground entertainments, puppets and props for theatre, sort out my diving gear and mend and repair beehives.

Wills’s Shed – Workshop/Studio from Somerset #shedoftheyear

My shed is so special to me. its my creative sanctuary a place I can truly be me. There are no massive features to it apart from it being like stepping into my brain. I mostly use it creating artwork such as painting, sculpture and animations.

The Shed School – Lockdown-Repurpose from Greater London #shedoftheyear

The Shed School is a free online educational platform where ks1 children can learn everyday with Mr Bates from his converted shed. Attached is a recent interview with The Telegraph to give you a better understanding of what The Shed School is all about.

My Art Room – Workshop/Studio from Cheshire West and Chester #shedoftheyear

My husband Paul built from scratch.Every weekend and everyday when he got home from work. He spent digging footings slowly building it up to thebeautiful space it is .I go in there most days and paint I have radio in there A chiller for drinks.Sofa .It is perfect quiet space love it.

The Whisky Studio – Workshop/Studio from Leicestershire #shedoftheyear

Its an inspiring and inspirational space to develop my passion for whisky in to a small business. The Shed was designed and hand built by my husband over three months. It has a modern style with cedar cladding to reflect the National Forest we live in.

S.h.e.d – Unexpected from Derby #shedoftheyear

S.H.E.D is Mobile and flexibleS.H.E.D is all about the shedding of preconceptions of people and place. S.H.E.D is an arts venue, a conversation starter, a dialogue enhancer and a research facilitator. S.H.E.D is entirely dedicated to artistic research through public engagement and co-production.

The Perfume Shed – Workshop/Studio garden #shedoftheyear

I make perfumes in my shed – My business is called the perfume shed and hold consultations and create natural perfumes in it.I also compose music in it. I bought the shed from a supplier and had a friend help me make the inside into a working perfume laboratory

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