Is this most technically advanced shed by the sea?

We love sheds by the sea and we especially love sheds with tech but Sheddies tech favorite Suzi Perry has created a beach hut with virginmedia for all your techheads who are spending the rest of the summer down at the good old British seaside and need your gadget fix.

Beach lovers will be able to surf the web as well as the waves outside when they visit a beach hut packed full of the latest technology.

The best-connected seaside pad in the country was designed in Beach Green, Shoreham, West Sussex

Despite being only 10ft by 8ft, with a 4ft porch, the hut includes everything from wind-powered lights to a coffee maker and hi-fi system.

The gadgets were chosen by television presenter and technology expert Suzi Perry, on the basis that they are must-have items for sophisticated seaside living.

Perry said: “As more of us are embracing staycations, spending time at the beach has become an integral part of British family holidays.

“I think gadget-enhanced huts like this will become increasingly desirable as it means the whole family will be entertained, whether there’s rain or shine, or simply just to keep in touch with friends and family whilst away from home.

“Beach time to me is all about having fun and relaxing, but it’s reassuring to know that innovation in technology means you can enjoy the best in entertainment and connectivity even when spending time beside the seaside.”

What’s inside the shed, sorry beach hut.

  •  Bubblescope – Attaches to your smartphone to capture a seamless 360 degree snapshot.
  •  Sonos Wireless Hi-fi System – System allows you to manage your music and play instantly off the web or use bespoke playlists.
  • PAL+ and a guitar – The ‘Portable Audio Laboratory’ is a DAB radio with a difference, offering an endless battery life and a robust case.
  • Samsung Smart TV with 3D technology – The focal point of any room, the Samsung Smart TV is ideal for catching up with TiVo’s great range of TV and on-demand programmes or multi-player gaming on the Xbox, whilst offering a superb HD picture and also 3D viewing.
  • Xbox Kinect – Revolutionary in gaming with its voice and movement control.
  • Virgin Media TiVo System – Interactive entertainment TV service.
  • Virgin Media Superhub Broadband
  • The Firewinder Mini – An innovative outdoor lighting solution, powered entirely by the wind.
  • Nikon AW100 Camera – Waterproof, shockproof and freeze-proof camera with 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, built-in GPS system, electronic compass and world map.
  •  Oregon Complete Home Weather Station – The station is a barometric pressure system for accuracy whilst the display is clear and easy to use.
  • GameCom Headset – Headset has 7.1 surround sound speakers, a noise-cancelling mic to kill background noise and a USB connection for digital clarity.
  •  Nikon Sportstar Ex Binoculars – Compact, lightweight, and easily portable binoculars.
  • iPad – Perfect for showing off your beach hut on social networks or through Facetime, checking out star constellations through ‘Star Walk’ or utilising any of the thousands of apps available.
  • Oregon Handheld UV Monitor – Helps you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays by measuring and recording UV levels, displaying a UV reading from low to high.
  • MEEP! Children’s Tablet – New children’s tablet which offers apps, a series of fun accessories and a secure connection to the internet. Designed specifically for children aged 4 – 9

I do hope they have a good lock..

By Andrew Wilcox

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