Can a shed be the T3 home gadet of the year?

The lovely shed working or just chilling Tetra Shed has made it to the Home gadget of the year finalists at the T3 awards

A modular office system for your garden? It sounds too good to be true and looks too cool to be real but the Tetra Shed uses the kind of genius design tech that makes you blink, rub your eyes and look again.

Price: TBC | Tetra Shed

The Tetra Shed is a piece of wooden origami that, when closed, repels the elements and stands tall, like a mini volcano. A single Tetra Shed can hold two people in a office environment with ease and the triangular windows open like gull wings of a sports car.

The makers of Tetra Shed have grand plans too – they suggest that Tetra Sheds can form a classroom as there’s no limit on the amount that can be stuck together.

You can chose from any colour should you want camo for your den or a stand-out work of art so you can imagine you’re in an episode of Grand Designs.

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More and more people are choosing to work from home, so in response to this growing trend, the tetra shed® garden office is a stylish and contemporary alternative to the standard cuboid garden offices currently on the market. tetra shed® is also a response to another growing trend, that of the increasing acceptance and adoption of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), namely modular construction as the most viable means of meeting more stringent performance targets to tighter project time and cost constraints.

Comprising a structural timber core externally clad in rubber, finished in any RAL colour or a choice of either copper, zinc, cor-ten steel or marine plywood cladding and either plywood or plasterboard internal lining, the tetra shed® modular building system provides an innovative yet practical, adaptable, customisable, expandable and affordable building system suitable for a host of uses.

The basic office (which has a footprint of approx. 10m and is approx. 3.6m in height) will be launched in the UK in early/mid September 2012


thanks to @inn_imp for the heads up


By Andrew Wilcox

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