Own some shed history: Shed of the year 2012 Celebrity Sheds go on charity auction

Vic Reeves

You may remember the brilliant sheds created by celebs for Shed week?

Well you can now own one and give something to charity, fancy have Vic Reeves or Sarah Beeny shed in the bottom of your garden.

Shed judge Sarah Beeny is putting her quaint, pub-themed shed up for auction, with all the proceeds going to Age UK and the Sherwood Forest Trust.

Sarah Beeney

DJ Christian O’Connell is putting his 80’s style shed up for auction, with all the proceeds raised going to Age UK and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Christian O'Connell


Alex Johnson, founder of shedworking.co.uk is putting his quirky office shed up for auction; with all the proceeds going to Age UK

Alex Johnson

Vic Reeves is putting his museum shed up for auction, with all the proceeds raised going to The Minerva Centre, a charity with a mission to improve the lives and opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

Vic Reeves

Joanne Harris is putting her inspirational sky-themed shed up for auction, with all the proceeds going to The Marine Conservation Society and Age UK.

Joanne Harris

Celebrity Sheds go on Sale to the Great British Public

After 30 per cent of British shed owners named it their top inspirational place, Shed of the Year competition sponsor, Cuprinol, commissioned celebrity shed lovers or ‘sheddies’ as they are affectionately known, to create their ultimate garden havens. Today, all five sheds have gone on sale to the Great British public with the proceeds raised donated to charity.

Following in the footsteps of Roald Dahl who used his shed to pen his famous novels, shed loving personalities – Vic Reeves, Sarah Beeny, Joanne Harris, Christian O’Connell and author Alex Johnson designed their very own customised outdoor retreats in a range of Cuprinol colours which went on display in beauty spots up and down the country for the public to visit for free.

The sheds provided inspirational places for budding sheddies to visit and also encouraged Brits to transform their own garden dens into creative havens where they can work or enjoy some time out from their busy lives. This came as research found the average British shed owner spends five months of their life in it, with a further 40 per cent admitting to using it as an extension of the home, for everything from taking time out from the family to carrying out a hobby.

The bespoke dens took each celebrity over a month to create, working with a team of artists, carpenters and stylists who helped bring the individual shed creations to life. Locations throughout the UK were then carefully picked as places of natural beauty, with each shed then transported across Briton to stunning view points.

Cuprinol is giving Brits the unique opportunity to be the proud owner of Sarah Beeny’s Pub shed, Vic Reeves’ Museum shed, Christian O’Connell’s 80’s shed, Joanne Harris’ Sky shed or Alex Johnson’s Office shed, simply by placing a bid below or here


By Andrew Wilcox

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