So you want to build a TARDIS shed for shed of the year

As it’s my holidays I spent over an hour queing to get into the The Doctor Who Experience, the new exhibition down the bay in my home town of Cardiff.

Anyway moaning aside the Experience was great after we finally got in and the children we were with, were suitably terrified by the weeping angels and the Daleks and rightly so, and they were awe of actually flying in the TARDIS itself (so was I)

The exhibition after the experience was excellent they had some original props and all the eleven Doctor (and some companion) costumes.

The evolution of the Cybermen was well presented.

but of course the thing I wanted to see was the TARDIS sheds – sorry the TARDIS models.

They had a few around the exhibition both inside and out – that lots of people where having photos with them as it is one of the UKs iconic objects.

They also had some plans to the TARDIS, and the console that was used in former Shed judge Neil Gaiman episode The Doctor’s Wife – which I did not know was based on a design by a Blue Peter competition winner 🙂

anyway if you have created a TARDIS shed why not Share it for shed of the year – over at

By Andrew Wilcox

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