Shed build: A “posh shed” in the making

Sheddie Andrew Smale contacted me via twitter to say if I wanted to see his shed build…

Iam not the head sheddie for nothing – of course I want to see any shed build in progress.

anyway He has also written a description of his build and we hope to see it on very soon.

My “Posh Shed” didn’t really start out to be posh.

I come from a long line of Sheddies, with my Paternal Grandfer having a home built carpentry workshop in his Garden. It was a proper shed and I can still recall the smells of linsead oil, creosote, metal tools and his ubiquitous Senior Service. On my Mothers side my Grandfather was a Railway man/ Market Gardener. He had two sheds, one for the garden and another that he occupied at the side of the railway whilst carrying out flagging duties. He made tea and toast on a paraffin heater. He often took me to work with him and so I spent time in the shed drinking tea, eating toast and watching the railway engines pulling endless trucks full of aggregate for the new M5 Bridge at Avonmouth. At home we had a small shed that was used as a workshop.

Anyhow I wanted a Shed in my garden because my house is so tiny. I wanted something that would be unique but would last. I also wanted a studio in which to carry out my photographic activities. Many of the sheds you see at Garden centres look so flimsy. My son is a Carpenter and so he suggested that we build a shed ourselves. So father and son started the build. The frame for the floor is 4×2 Tanalised softwood timber and the walls and roof made from 3×2 Tanalised softwood timber.

My problem is that I get too involved with these projects so when I suggested that I install a couple of Velux windows in the roof, the bloke at Magnet couldn’t quite believe it. Neither could my son! “Velux windows in a shed”, he was incredulous! However the extra light these bring into the shed makes it all worth it especially for photography.

Next I had to make up my mind what roofing to use. When I was down at the roofing merchants buying some breathable membrane to keep water out but fresh air circulating, I picked up a brochure about cedar shingles. Well it didn’t take me much time to decide that was what I wanted to use. However at a final cost of 600 GBP, it was a little expensive, but I reasoned that they would last a long time. Little did I know that the nails to secure the shingles were 55 GBP per kilo!! Two kilos used.

Finally I went to the wood yard under strict instructions from my son to get tanalised softwood feather edge board to clad the sides. “It’s a SHED”, he reminded me as I drove off. At the wood yard the owner, obviously enjoyed my spending sprees and shook his head at my request. “It’ll cup and split” he said. “Tell you what I’ve got some Cedar planks that I can rip down for you. It’ll look fantastic with the shingles and it won’t cup or split”

Well he was right but it did empty my bank account once more.

Anyway the shed got built, including insulation in the walls and OSB inside. I plan to replace the OSB with pine T&G at some point (when my bank manager agrees!).

I love my shed and I have a railway mans’ enamel billy can to brew tea in. I’ve already used to create a some photographs and of course I have also stored my tools and stuff in it too.

I’m now looking for a leather arm chair for me to sit in.

Like I say it wasn’t supposed to be a posh shed, it was more to create a space like I visited when I was a small buy. I just got carried away, honest!!!!

Here are a shed load of videos to show the build

Behind the shed

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By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. I used pine T&G for cladding the inside of my roof, it’s really not very expensive. Skylights in a shed are a great idea, in my shed I made a 3rd of the roof into a massive skylight which gives great light on the bench.

  2. Just click each of the pictures to be redirected to Twitpic to view each video :o)

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