News of the screws – after mobile-phone-hacking-gate now garden-shed-gate ;)

Over at the News of the world they have jumped on the shed bandwagon with their new column “Pimp my shed” – not that an original title really 😉

It’s in their new mens magazine called Jam

See what they did there, the Jam had a song called News of the World wonder how many boozy lunches in Wapping that took 😉 – anyway the first instalment it was pub sheds

It’s mentions a shed owner called Tim who in fact is Shed of the year 2008 winner Tim who won with his most excellent rugby pub but it does seem to be made up by some shed wannabe hack.

I have spoken to sheddie Tim who says he’s has not was not even interviewed by their Shed reporter and mentions “They gave my age as 35yrs and among other inaccuracies said it was a men only shed and even my wife had to phone to be let in. You can no doubt imagine how well this was received in doors.”

the rugby pub - tim

But no actual mention of Shed of the year competition or readersheds 🙁 I thought the national press always named their sources if it was in the public interest 😉

Anyway I hope they carry on with this series but with a true representation of the sheddies and not some made up nonsense to fill a space in their magazine.

So can I recommend some wonderful Garden Offices, Workshop or eco sheds for this Sundays NOW.

But sadly I assume they will just work their way through the previous shed of the year winners, so look out for Reg, Tony and Steven being misquoted very soon 🙂

on another note I had an inclination that my phone was being bugged during last shed week (allegedly) to get all the info on sheds… 😉 but maybe I am just paranoid after reading about it in the Guardian.

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. If they feature the LADY SARAH one week Ihope they put my age down as 35 That was a very interesting time in my life. My mum always said I would end up in the SREWS…Oooops sorry… NEWS OF THE WORLD…..from Reg Miller…2010 winner of SHED OF THE YEAR

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