Two great creative Welsh Sheds – both in Laugharne

As you know I am proud Welsh man – and maybe a bit biased when we get Welsh Sheds on

It surely goes back to my childhood – when my grandfather had an allotment shed in the Rhondda valleys – and I used to spend weekends in the dirt “helping” him plant stuff – which mostly meant me sitting in an old armchair in the doorway of his shed drinking pop – shame I don’t have any photos of his shed which was like most of their ilk – made out of old doors/windows bits of plastic and god knows what else – but good times and some quack would say that’s what started my liking for all things shed – yea right 😉

Anyway I digress this shed, not your normal garden shed I may add but you know us – we Love Sheds was added to your favourite shed website (readersheds) the other week – it’s was a bit weird as I got a tip off from my new boss about it and was going to chase it up – but the sheddie added before I contacted him – ShedKarma

Tin Shed Experience

Tin Shed Experience - Andrew Isaacs
Andrew Isaacs
Laugharne, West Wales

Houses a large collection of 30s/40s/ wartime memorabilia, is open as a museum and is also available as a venue for photography, film making, amateur dramatics, readings etc. Tin Shed Experience as a venue will host a variety of performers during this year’s ‘Laugharne Weekend‘ festival including, British award winning actor Michael Sheen, American writer Daniel Woodrell, TV personality Dom Joly, Crime author Mark Billingham and fashion guru Molly Parkin. For more info you can visit us at

the shed is actually a renovated corrugated tin shed that was utilisied by the Ministry of Defence in Pendine, west Wales, during the war years for repairs on their vehicles

The co-owner Seimon Pugh-Jones is a renowned photographer of period dress and battle re-enactment and has been a photographer for a top US war magazine and has also been a part of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Band of Brothers’ he also has some fantastic contacts in film and TV.

Wait a minute I hear you shout via the shed door-  Wilco you said Two great creative Welsh Sheds in the title – no Iam not diddling you precious sheddie – here is the other one – of course made famous by Dylan Thomas – it was were he did a lot of his creative drinking and some writing from time to time – and of course there is a certain simple looking shed groupie in the photo as well – yes I don’t look happy (do I ever) yes it was a horrible day that day and yes I did not do my coat up properly – but sometimes the power of sheds took over me .

The romantic, dirty summerhouse

The romantic, dirty summerhouse - Dylan Thomas

I have since visited the shed a few times so here are some other shots.

What famous sheds are their in your locality sheddie?

By Andrew Wilcox

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