Great Slate keyring for your Shed – Two going spare if you want to win one.

I really hit my middle age today (and not just loving the new Punks not dad video) – I bought some nice slacks and cords & a new jumper from a M & S outlet but also picked up three of these great Slate keyrings with the Word “SHED” on them, perfect for putting your precious shed key on.


of course I was hoping that they were Welsh Slate – but they’re not πŸ™

Anyway – If you would like to win one (Iam giving two away) – just leave a comment at the bottom of this post – with the answer to this simple question –

“What’s on the end of your keyring”

I will pick the the most original or funniest!

Closes 16th Feb 2011!

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. I have lost my keyring – however, when I find it it has photos of my little boys on it – one on each side and both are pictures of them smiling.

  2. A small white cuddly bear that says I love you mummy on it – Mothers day present a few years ago from Tesco!

  3. Nothing…. I just have one of those really long stretchy springs that clips on as I am forever losing keys!! πŸ™

  4. A brass tag which went on the key for the safe at the General Post Office where my dad worked a looong time ago. I found it when sorting through some old things of his and loved it and thought it would help me NOT lose my house keys. Our shed does not have a keyring yet though!!!

  5. The key to a wonderful world of peace and creativity, uninterrupted thought and freedom…. SHED….SilentHeavenEveryDay πŸ™‚

  6. A computer chip that has embedded inside it a piece of software written by my late best friend.

  7. a pink sparkly pig with a silver sparkly heart on it and lots of other pinky piggy hearty sparkly things – far too girly, I need you to butch me up a bit

  8. My trousers – I attach everything to my trousers. My doctor says I'm trying to compensate for a frightening incident in the school changing room

  9. My shed keyring is a bottle opener – which, although certainly not the case – makes me look like a secret drinker with a stash at the bottom of the garden . . .

  10. Probably too late to be in with a chance of winning a slate key ring but
    > I'll try anyway.
    > On my shed key ring is a model of a Kubota minidigger as that is where the
    > real thing is kept.
    > Richard Foursheds
    > (soon to become Fivesheds when the latest Walton shed gets it's final coat
    > of Cuprinol woodstain) I bought the latest shed two weeks ago as a result
    > of a Waltons ad on one of your emails. When it is fully finished I'll post
    > some pix on readersheds. All that creeping must put me in with a chance
    > winning a key ring!

  11. I have a big pink rubber ball with a hole in it to hold poop sccop bags! I'm sure I could have made one for 50p, but my boyfriend bought me this one. Useful if a bit embarrasing!

  12. A Swazoske crystal ball because it is really MY keyring & my husband pinched it for his use, so he needs your prize so he can have a more masculine one of his own! I can then have my girlie one back to use on a more feminine mission.

  13. I have a small (non-Welsh) slate keyring that says "blog" on it.

    If only I had another one next to it that says "shed"…

  14. on my key ring is green plant tie wire ! helps hang my keys up in the shed at the allotment and helps me find them when they drop out my pocket. but is a bit shabby.

  15. My husband is at the end of my keyring. Well he always seems to be getting it to go down the shed to work/hide. Well it never seems to get any tidier in there.

  16. Mines kinda embarrassing now πŸ™ think I'm a bit too old for my Mickey Mouse Key Ring, would love to update it with one of these.

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