And the winner of Shed of the Year 2010 sponsored by Cuprinol Sprayable is…

Last years Shed of the Year Winner Reg Miller & Lady Sarah

The Lady Sarah Out of Worthing, Southend-on-Sea, Essex Owned by Reg Miller is the Shed of the year 2010.

Well done Reg a truly unique shed that shows your passion for your shed but also shows there is a lot of humour and fun to be had , he wins £1000 & a shed load of Cuprinol Product from our sponsors Cuprinol Sprayable many thanks to them for all their help with this years competition and their passion for sheds.


It was a hard fought competition this year, and was a close call in the end with the Garden Office and Eco Shed coming in close joint second place.

This is what the judges had to say

Sarah Beeny

You simply couldn’t get more into a shed and for that I seriously admire
this one. Not only that but a shed should have an element of escapism to it
and this being a Pirates haven certainly ticks that box – I love it!

Uncle Wilco (me!)

Reg shows that a perfect shed sums up the personality of the
individual that created and uses it, in this case slightly off the
wall but with care and attention that only a true sheddie could manage.

Dr Wood – Cuprinol’s Simon Aldersley

‘What an amazing shed – I have never seen anything like it. All it needs now is Kiera Knightley and Johnny Depp to come around and they could screen the next Pirates of the Caribbean in the shed’

Simon Greenish CEO – Bletchley Park

This shed has got to be Britain at its best, quirky, fun and as the category suggests unique and surely, only in Britain. It has been developed by a character who clearly loves life but the doesn’t take life too seriously. In these grim days of austerity isn’t it great that these things can happen. Great fun and wish I had one!

Alex Johnston

The Lady Sarah shows that there’s much more to a shed than four walls
and a roof – the pirate atmosphere is superbly evoked throughout and
underlines that when it comes to creativity, sheddies have it in spades.

Lloyd Alter

Arggh, matey, what can one say? it’s made from recycled materials, it
is not just a shed but a complete environment where Johnny Depp would feel at home.
pieces of eight and a bottle of rum for the Lady Sara! Humour, style,
energy all in one.

Debra Prinzing

Reg is living the good life here on his ship. Viewing the photos and
movies felt like a journey into Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe – something
wonderful and strange with every glimpse. He has really created a
backyard destination unlike anything I’ve ever seen – and certainly
beyond the imagination of most shed owners.

Stephen (Last years Shed of the year winner)

What a fantastic shed, all made out of recycled materials and packed
full of fun. Reg has obviously inherited the genes of a pirate from
his ancestry somewhere in the distant past. This shed has so much
going on. Full of memorabilia from floor to ceiling and still enough
room to sit and enjoy the squawking cockatiels and watch fish
swimming. A very peaceful place I’m sure, until the rum is consumed
and the singing starts. I wonder if anyone has ever consumed too much
and gone overboard into the pond? There has obviously been much love
and affection that has gone into this build as well as a sense of
humour. ARRRG!
Absolutely brilliant!

Here’s the Press release if you want to use it on your Blog/site/shedwall

A sheddie from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, has won Shed of the Year 2010 after beating off competition from 1,250 shed-lovers. Reg Miller’s pirate-themed shed, ‘The Lady Sarah out of Worthing’ named after his partner, was judged best shed in the competition sponsored by Cuprinol Sprayable and comes complete with a Koi Carp pond and even a parrot!

The judging panel, including Sarah Beeny and ‘Head Sheddie’ and creator of Uncle Wilco and a whole host of other shed-loving luminaries, commented: “Reg shows that a perfect shed sums up the personality of the individual that created and uses it. The pirate atmosphere is superbly evoked throughout and underlines that when it comes to creativity, sheddies have it in spades.”

Reg comments: “I’ve spent years working on my shed and to win Shed of the Year 2010 is a real thrill – it’s the ultimate accolade for shed owners! It’s still a work in progress, as I’m constantly adding to my collection of pirate memorabilia and props and the shed is slowly but surely taking over the whole garden. It’s become a real talking point in the area and since I entered it in the competition, I’ve had loads of really positive comments from sheddies around the globe – it really seems to have caught everyone’s imagination! Funnily enough, I’ll be spending my winnings repairing my decking at the top of the garden! It has recently collapsed and I really want to spruce it up again so that I can use it for the summer and yes, I will be using Cuprinol products!”

Reg has won the £1,000 top prize and a range of shed-care products courtesy of Cuprinol Sprayable, sponsors of Shed of The Year 2010.

12 runners up each receive a shed care kit. The search for Shed of the Year 2010 began in August 2009, with the public voting for 13 category winners that were shortlisted for the final. The runners up were Dominic Jones from Liverpool for his Garden Office and Tim Massey from Cheshire for his Eco Shed.

Organised by the internationally famous and sponsored by Cuprinol Sprayable, National Shed Week runs from 5th July and is the national celebration of one of the cornerstones of British culture.

During Shed Week a charity auction will take place on ebay to raise money for Bletchley Park and sheddies around the country will be celebrating in their sheds.

IF you are in the press and would like talk to our PR people then please Contact me.

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By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. Hi Reg,
    Apologies if we have already contacted you. I'm working on a new ITV1 Saturday night comedy panel show and we are looking for fun, shed-owning couples to take part in the show. I think your shed is incredible and was wondering if you are in a relationship and if you would be interested in applying to be on this primetime show. Successful couples get paid for their time.
    Please call me on 0208 222 4014 so I can give you some more information.
    Jo Corner
    Zeppotron, part of Endemol UK

  2. Dear Reg

    I am a freelance television Producer / Director currently developing some documentary projects for Channel 4. I am not sure of television is of interest to you but if so I would be keen for a quick chat to talk about the project we are working on and whether you might be interested.

    My direct contact details are [email protected] and mobile number 07702 261 015. Please give me a call if and when you are free. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best Wishes

    Biança Barker

  3. Wow! Now you have won, why not build an extension? This has to be the best shed I have ever seen.

  4. Wow What a wonderful Shed. It does what it says on the tin. A proper shed not a 'set'. So much better than last years Kite Kabin!

  5. Nice work my man. Keep on shed'n.
    Chuck, International Shed of the Year winner 09

  6. Hi Reg, congratulations darling!! Well done. It's lovely. I've heard you speaking on LBC. You're great!!


  8. Delighted that the Shed of the Year 2010 Award is won by an Essex aficianado. ‘Huts’ off to Reg….

  9. Reg, congratulations on the win! I hope you're going to use the prize money to add some even more weird and wonderful items to the Lady Sarah!

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