International Shed : The Vespiary, Missoula, Montana

A nice example of recycled old shed thats being used as a workshop from one of our every increasing international Sheddies.

The Vespiary

The Vespiary - Audra Loyal
Audra Loyal
Missoula, Montana, USA

My shed was built over the course of summer 2009. Most of the materials came from the old existing shed, plus materials from Home Resource, a local construction recycling store. Any new material we used, we tried to get local. Most of our wood was locally milled and over half of the insulation is locally grown wool. A good friend of mine was the contractor, and my partner and I were the labor. I learned a ton about construction – everything from permitting to roofing.

I’ve been blogging the process here:

My shed is the new home of my business, The Vespiary Book Restoration & Bindery. Before, I was working at my kitchen table. I love this new space. I was able to move my entire library in and now I have a fantastic reading loft. Cup of coffee, good book, cat, snow falling… perfect.

By Andrew Wilcox

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