Jayce Lewis – Rock God in Asia from shed in Bridgend

There was a great show on BBC Wales last night

Planet Wales Big in India about a fella from Bridgend called Jayce who plays an infections Metal with lots of rhythmic Drums and he records his stuff in a Garden shed with his great bunch of odd ball band mates.

The story of Jayce Lewis, unknown in his native Wales, but a pop star in India. Together with his band, made up of friends from his hometown of Bridgend, Jayce prepares for a tour taking in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Jayce’s image abroad is in stark contrast to a troubled background back home. How will he and his friends cope with fame, life on tour and the adulation of thousands of Indian fans?

You can Watch again on BBC Iplayer and listen to Jayce’s great stuff on myspace.

Watching the show we take sprout down to Southerndown where a lot of the shots were filmed and a lot of my friends when to his old Welsh school in Llanharri (plus I lived there for 10 years, village not school grounds as a grounds keeper wilco ) not sure about Planet Wales, more like small world.

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear

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