Oh where’s my Shed gone – Next Door!

The metro reports

Part of being a good neighbour is keeping an eye on someone’s house or watering the plants while they’re away.

But one couple have been left fuming after coming back from a sunshine break to discover their back garden had been taken – and the culprit was apparently their next-door neighbour.

Linzi and Phil Wood claim a path, rockery, plant pots, hanging baskets and even a £600 garden shed they built are now in Brian Johnson’s once scruffy, overgrown garden. Mr Johnson was not available for comment yesterday.

‘I don’t know how he moved the shed. I was so angry and frustrated; we’ve always got on with him and cannot understand his audacity. All you have to do is look over the fence and the whole of my garden is there.’

Thanks to workshopshed for the tip off.. any clues on how he moved everything (if he did?)

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By Andrew Wilcox

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