Yes get a shed for under £100 – I may get a few.. (no longer valid but buy a shed anyway)

This offer has expired but You may want to go to this page if you are looking for a cheap shed now. but you wont get many sheds under £100 nowerdays

Garden Buildings Direct have announced this great price for a Apex sheds, I need to get an extra shed just for storage and these look great, let us know if you buy one and what it’s like.

The BillyOh brand has been expanded with the traditional overlap clad BillyOh Classic Economy Apex in 10’ x 6’ and 8’ x 6’ and the BillyOh Traditional Economy Apex in 5’ x 3’ and 6’ x 4’, which is delivered in rustic waney edge cladding.

Buy a BillyOh shed

Now is the time to grab one of these amazing budget buildings. The BillyOh Economy Apex may well be the first apex shed available on the internet for under £100 delivered. Pick up a bargain that comes with free U.K. delivery* at now

You can read more and of course buy one or six from Sheds.US

For a great selection of budget sheds try

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. I’ve been a gardener at allotments for over 25 years. In this time I have gone through a total of 3 garden sheds and let me tell you that anything less than tongue and groove sheds are rubbish. Overlap simply does not last.

    Younger couples at my allotment have brought similar buildings buying less than quality outdoor buildings and they too have had to replace or make extensive repairs to their sheds after a short period of time. I always advise them against overlap as its thin material and warps and splits very easily.

    Apologies to the company listed, but this shed seems like more of a headache than anything else.

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