Shed Week 2009 interviews: Michael Janzen

This Guest Post from Tiny House Guru Michael Janzen you can also follow Michael on Twitter.


I know this will sound a bit hippie dippie but for me sheds represent real freedom, not the cliche they spout on television. You see somehow most of us got sold on the idea that bigger is better.

Unfortunately the sad true turns out to be that bigger just costs more, and owning more usually means accepting more debt. Before you know it you’re constantly working just to keep up with the bills.

I live in Sacramento, California and we were hit hard by the housing market crash. McMansions were popping up like mushrooms and now many sit empty. My wife and I were smart enough not to buy into that ‘dream’ and bought an older home in a more established neighborhood but the flooded housing market has brought all home values down. Now we wait in what feels like a debtors prison planning our escape which will most certainly include sheds and tiny houses.

To help maintain my sanity while we wait I regularly dream up new tiny house and shed designs and post them on I’m also slowly building my own tiny house on wheels out of discarded stuff like old shipping pallets. You can watch my progress at

Michael Janzen

By Andrew Wilcox

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