Just Sheds : Musical sheds

We know people love to sing in their sheds! and here are a few examples.

Canna Manor

canna manor shed

The husband only enters by invitation. The shed is my retreat. It contains an electronic keyboard, and all my music scores and books of poetry. Outside, on its “verandah” is a bench where I enjoy the early morning sun and have my coffee. Magic!

The loving husband built it, and is then happy to leave it to me.

the ‘GEM’ saloon, bath

Gem saloon

piano, woodburner, optics, rocking chair, trixy
breezeblock walls, insulated roof, previously derelict

Hollywell House

My summerhouse is a multi function, leisure building. It has a Pub/Musical theme. And serves as a mini recording studio for musicians. There is storage under the seating, in ceiling cupboards and other hand built units. The bar is fully equipped, and can serve beer on tap (Through a T- Bar pump), cocktails and any other types of drink. There is a beer cooler for the pumps, a beer fridge for bottles and cans, and a wine fridge too. There is a dining area, with stools that match the main seating and which also serve as musician stools for playing guitars, keyboard etc.

By Andrew Wilcox

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