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Just Sheds: Clarkson Mk1

A unique looking shed today.

The Clarkson is my first shed and was conceived on my computer and constructed with materials reclaimed from demolishing the house. It is fully insulated and double glazed. It puts a smile on your face! One end is a comfy upholstered games den and the other is a work bench.

Clarkson Mk1

Addtional Info: “Every invention that has ever mattered in the whole of human history has come from a man in a shed in Britain” says Clarkson in the sunday times. As it resembles a classic shape of caravan it was christened in honour of the great man! It was in this shed I made my most successful contraption, a remote controlled rotating bird table. It does no worse than create entertainment plus a little indignity to marauding squirrels and wood pigeon.

If this is Clarkson Mk1 I can’t wait for Mk 2

By Andrew Wilcox

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