Get your entries in for Shed of the Year 2009

You have just a little bit over a month to get your entries in for this years Shed of the Year 2009 competition as May 3 2009 is the closing date.


So with the weather getting better and the nights longer or something in the UK, then it’s time to finish your shed and take some photos and add it to readersheds.

Why not Share your shed like the previous two winners Tim & Tony, you need to add your shed here, and add the following information.

The name of the shed
Shed type – Is it [Normal] [Eco-Sheds] [Garden Office] [Cabin] [Workshop] [Unique] [Summerhouse] [Pub] [Studio] [Tardis] [Hut] [Wooden] [Other]
Your Name and other details.
Location of shed

and you need to add a minimum of two images, inside and outside but the judges will get a better idea if you add around a dozen of the features etc if you have a video on youtube then you can add that as well.

On May 4: Public voting for Shed of the Year begins, so get your family & friends to vote, then on June 21 pubic voting ends and the top shed in each category will be presented to the Celebrity Judges, who will have their go at seeing which shed will be Shed of the year to be announced on the July 8.

So come on sheddies Share your shed

I am still in discussion with various partners what the prizes will be given to the winning shed, but being shed of the year is a great start!

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. As a Retired Carpenter I could not believe the shed you display as the Pub Of The Year could have won when the main doors are incorrectly braced.
    The way these doors are braced encourages the door to drop. By braceing the door from the bottom of yhe hanging side to the outter top will prevent the doors from dropping.

  2. Hi Uncle Wilco, Mandy Landlady of the Forge and Flagon pubshed. Just a quicky, last year for the shed of the year contest, you said that each catergory would be given a blog on the top 10 in each catergory, this didn't manage to happen, would you be able to do a blog about the other sheds that came close this year, as we came third in pubshed catergory and were really proud but weren't given any recognition. Could you not have a winner of each catergory as each one is so different and fantastic in it's own right, with so many people voting there was never a follow up for them to log on to see it felt like a real anti climax. even if we just get a certificate to put up in the shed this doesn't cost much, cheers Mandyxxxxxx

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