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Can you help Salvager Rico Daniels out?

My shed mate Rico (who you may know as the Salvager off the telly) has asked me you the sheddies for help, you can either leave comments or email me and I will pass the details onto Rico.


Hi Guys, I have finally gotten involved with writing the book that so many people have been asking for.

I intend it to cover just about everything to do with salvaging and living a good lifestyle on the cheap .

Trouble is I don’t know everything and don’t really have time to experiment with anything beyond what I’m already busy with.

I need in particular high res pics of interesting versions of gas bottle woodstoves

There should be at least a dozen designs in the book but any good ones out there let me know .

Anyone done anything clever with Salvage let me know.

I will be covering everything from building with clay to home made windmills and of course clever sheds so please help. I particularly want to hear from anybody that has genuinely built a good working windmill from easily sourced salvaged parts .

I will credit all contributors and don’t care if you are in the photos as long as the object is clearly visible. If you want to sell the plans I will say so in the text.

Come on guys this is info that needs to be spread.


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