Beer brewed for the shed…. a Poem

We don’t get enough shed poetry on readersheds or shedblog let along about beer and sheds.

Tim Baber has sent me this great poem that covers both my main loves, it was written by his father Jim as he says “Written by my dad who is 90 years old and still drinking beer.”

Beer brewed for the shed….

When your throat is dry
And your innards sigh
For a glass of ale or something of that ilk,
Look around ’till you espy
The sign to satisfy
That search for dear old Mother Nature’s milk.

As you wet your upper lip
With a gulp or just a sip –
Your taste buds tell you satisfactions near;
So you fill that arid hollow
With a deep and pleasing swallow
And bless that well-kept shed-conditioned beer.

For beer on draught and real
Can instantly appeal
To nostrils, palate and the inner man;
It lifts you when you’re tired
Can make you feel inspired
And has done since drinking time began.

So here’s a vote of thanks
To the chaps who keep the tanks
Fed with a flow of good full-bodied beer:
To brewers who keep it fit
So that the taste is exquisite
Here’s thanks and praise, both heartfelt and sincere.

Jim Baber (1985)

You can view Master Babers sheds here, a credit you would agree.

By Andrew Wilcox

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