“Don’t lock your sheds” council tells sheddies

According to the DailyMail, so not sure how true it is.


Locking your shed door may seem like the obvious way to deter burglars from stealing expensive gardening equipment.

But one council has urged allotment holders to leave their shed doors unbolted.

It insists the measure will prevent sheds being damaged when criminals break in.

Tenants have been warned that sturdy padlocks force robbers to smash their way through doors and windows – damaging the council-owned buildings in the process.

Now allotment holders must leave their expensive gardening equipment unsecured overnight, despite a spate of recent break-ins.

Bristol City Council claims its ‘Don’t Use a Padlock’ initiative will save taxpayers’ money because fewer sheds will have to be repaired or replaced.

Their free guide to avoiding crime reads: ‘Don’t padlock your shed, it can save the shed being damaged if someone does try to get into it.

‘If there is a break-in, always inform the police.’

But gardeners at Bifield Allotments, in the troubled Stockwood area of the city, have blasted the move which they say leaves their property completely unprotected.

Update: the mirror picked it up as well, but mention the full story see the comments below

By Andrew Wilcox

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