Readersheds shed keyring

Our clever friends and hutties over at Thurgarton Iron Works ask me the other week if I wanted a keyring for my shed, ok I said, I did not expect such a great bit of brass work, with on it and a reminder that the keyring is for your shed!

Lovely work, look out for a competition where you can win one soon, if any sheddie would like to buy one post a comment and I will see how much Thurgarton can do them for.

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. I may be biased but being a remote kind of co-worker on the Thurgarton webby side of things I have been privy to test running this new keyring, far from the pointy end of the Iron Works and detatched from design and manufacture. I’ve got to say It’s really stylish and sturdy and a unique sheddy statement piece and I’m proud to have it jangling in my pocket. Plus a great conversation piece at dinner parties. Dinner parties in a shed come to that!

    1. they are great,… can you get the boss to email again the price each.

      I will be posting a comp to win a few later

      1. Dear Unc

        Key rings for 10 off I had better say £4.00 each…plus a bit for postage…say £ 2.00…so 10 would be £42.00..
        no vat as I am not registered..
        Sorry I have not been back to you before..only just seen your reply on your site and will have to sort out the Honey Monster as he has been neglecting his duties now the weather has warmed up…

        All the best…Richard King..Thurgarton Iron Works..

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