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Alex did a post about it’s not just writers who do shedworking, and he points to the excellent wokshopblog, who covers such joys as casting metal in your shed (note it’s not in your shed it’s outside your shed due to H&S issues but worth a read anyway)!

Of course a shed has always been a place to make things in, be it wobbly shelfs or useful things, and we have some great workshops on readersheds.

Two things I would like

1) the ability to be Cack-handed when it comes to DIY and creating stuff
2) A good set of tools

Well Number 1 have no hope, but the second one you are spoilt for choice if you have the wonga, in fact you can buy them via the shedshop if you want 😉

but being a user of Aldi and sometimes Lidl for ages, they seem to provide now and again some great tools at very competitive prices. like this

Detail Sander for £9.99


1500W Circular Saw with Laser for £21.99

have any sheddies had an experience with tools from your friendly German retailers?

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