Shed week judge Trevor Baylis Q & A

I recently ask Trevor some questions mostly shed related but of course some about his inventions.

His workshop sounds great, just got to get him to share it when he has time.

Q1) When did you first start inventing or making things?

A. When I was a child I could do the most amazing things with my Meccano but I couldn’t even write my name. I was five years old.

Q2) Did your workshop/shed play a major part in your ideas process?

A. Certainly – my workshop contains a multitude of machines, and is the graveyard of 1000 domestic appliances. I have a small tv, a computer should I need it, and of course a radio. And I can always sit down in a comfortable chair and smoke my pipe, and can always have a cup of tea when I want one.

Q3) What one bit of advice would you give to sheddie inventors?

A. Let your dreams be your inspiration, and a springboard for great actions.

Q4) You were Pipe Smoker of the Year a few years ago.. will you be coming up with a smoker’s device to get over the recent changes in the law?

A. Well, I certainly won’t be smoking outside my shed, but I might put a fan in the window.

Q5) With your eco self-powered inventions and green credentials before it was fashionable, do you feel the rest of the industry is playing catchup?

A. To an extent, yes! And I am very proud that they are.

Q6) What’s the future for shed-based inventors or do you see the demise of the one man in his workshop?

A. I believe those people who have sheds, studios, or laboratories, are the lucky ones. It is great for a man or a woman to have a retreat or somewhere to chill out and ferment. This will always be a necessity in life for people.

Q7) What would be your ultimate bolthole/shed-away-from-it-all and where would it be?

A. I wouldn’t want to walk down a garden to get to my retreat – mine is attached to my house. If I want to go into my studio in the night when I have that bright idea, I am able to do so without having to wear wellington boots. My studio has stunning views of the river, is cosy, and believe it or not – the floor has a carpet!!!

And to finish, some questions from sheddies:

Q: If your shed was on fire, what one thing would you save?
(From Alex from

A. Undoubtedly, my first prototype wind-up radio, which also functions as a wind-up torch and mobile phone charger.

Q: Has your moustache ever got tangled up in one of those new fangled wind-up radios (From Chris)

A. My moustache never entwined with the machinery but a spark or two from my pipe could have easily given me a harelip, then I might have taken a turn for the nurse.

Many thanks Trevor.

You can read more about Trevor Baylis and his products over at, which has some great advice for sheddie inventors and of course details of the products, Trev has been involved with.

and of course keep an eye on this shedblog for Trevor Related posts.

By Andrew Wilcox

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