Shed judge Chris Evans in disco shed furor?

Well Alex thinks so.. 😉

I did an interview for my local (national) Welsh Sunday newspaper the other day, and gave them a few quotes from the judges about the sheds this year…. but only some of the quote made it in.

Here is the full quote I got from Chris about the Disco Shed

The disco shed so nearly got my vote for obvious reasons – DJ love etc – but let’s face it, it’s not a shed, it is in fact a vehicle born out of the most extreme capitalist culture and although, whilst spreading music, lights and fun where it may come to rest, pitch up and plug in, it is nevertheless, at it’s very core, a money making wooden machine on wheels.


I know that some of the Fans of the disco shed have contacted Chris and myself to complain.. but maybe we can all say the the mantra “I love sheds” 5 times, and be calm..

Good luck to all the sheddies, Shed of the Year 2009 will be announced on Wednesday and you can read all the judges quotes in full then!



  1. Harvey K-Tel says:

    The Disco Shed shows that sheds aren't only hiding places for reactionary, misanthropic losers (see the Millers' campaign of hate above), it is the polar opposite of this, spreading happiness and good times to anyone open minded enough to embrace Shedonism.

  2. Reg Miller says:

    Hello Peeps..good to hear from you, i think it's about time we put this debate to rest don't you? We have all said our thoughs on if it is or is not a shed. I wont chang your mind and you wont change mine so lets just say we AGREE TO DIFFER and say no more..I don't what sort of music you play but my sons ROSS+SCOTT MILLER run a music site called HEAR NO EVIL free downloads of house and garage sounds [ help your self ]…If ever you are in SOUTHEND ON SEA you and yours are welcome at THE LADY SARAH [pirate cabin] for a glass [or 2 ] of rum….from Reg..the captain………….be lucky

  3. mairead says:

    it really is a shed. I've been in it.

    it is the most shedlike of shedlike structures (it being an actual shed) I fail to see how having mounted it on top of a trailer makes it not a shed. it is a shed, a shed bolted onto a trailer, if you took the trailer off it would still be a shed.

    fairly conclusive imo.

  4. Hi there,

    I'm the owner of the aforementioned shed, and I'm really surprised there's such a debate about whether or not the Disco Shed is a shed.

    Our lovingly customised Billy O Disco shed, which was bought from Shedstore, is of course a shed! And it didn't even begin on wheels, but because building it each time at different festival sites on uneven ground was ruining the shed (and our backs!) after the first year we realised we had to mount it on a trailer to make it feasible to carry on. It was a complete fluke that the trailer we ended up buying happened to fit the shed on it so well (check out the drawings on our page!)

    But, for most of the year it lives outside at the bottom of a farmer's garden, it is made from wood, from pre-cut shed panels, it has a felt roof, a wooden floor, it looks like a shed from the outside, is a shed on the inside, is filled with old tat and garden games, furniture and tools and is everything a shed is supposed to be. Ok, we play music from within it, it's on wheels and thus portable, and we take it to festivals etc, but I don't see how these things mean it can't be regarded as a shed.

    That we make money from it (not that we have yet, though we're hoping finally to break even this year!) is irrelevant, surely? Loads of people make money from their sheds! They use them as studios, workshops, offices even. There's even a whole category of garden offices in the shed of the year competition! And we all work full time too, so our shed is our hobby and I spend all year thinking about it when I'm not in it.

    It wasn't intended as a capitalist venture, but was the result of an idea born rather randomly at a house party. The best place to be at the party was in the shed (naturally!) and we decided it would be a good idea to take this party on the road to our favourite festivals! (though I don't remember the conversation – it was a good party!!)

    And because we love parties, DJing, sheds, and festivals the Disco Shed was a good excuse to combine all four things. It's just kinda grown from there, but we can't help the fact people like it and we've been relatively successful, and for that we're really grateful.

    Anyway, sorry this is a long post, but I just wanted to offer our thoughts on this, as we were disappointed to read Chris' comments.

    Thanks, and all the best


  5. ross miller says:

    Much as i would quite enjoy no doubt this debate i feel the english dictonary was made and produced so that when we are not sure or we disagree we can call upon its information the lead us.
    I wont be ringing the author to tell him a bob the builder fan or someone who listens to a president of america with the middle name of HUSSAIN (the yanks will regret this trust me) thinks they dont have a clue.
    I also agree the idea is a good one and can see the atraction but cant forget the fact its a trailor.
    if i get an cruise ship and build a shed on its deck does that make the whole thing a shed .
    i just feel its a shame for all the real shed owners out there .

  6. Reg Miller says:

    AND IT STILL AIN'T A SHED!!!!!!!!!!!! A TRAILER..YES.– A CARAVAN..YES — OR EVEN A WAGON…But the one thing it's not is a SHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the only answer you can put up against an intelligent quote from an encyclopedia to quote "BOB THE BUILDER"? This was for some reason best known to yourself preceded by totally inane and irrelevant ramblings about a stoned protest [singer] and an alcoholic blues singer????…..For what it is the disco TRAILER–CARAVAN–WAGON is a great idea and no doubt gives a lot of pleasure to a lot of people……BUT IT'S STILL NOT A SHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brian Potting says:

    They probably said the same thing when Dylan went electric, when Robert Johnston made his pact with the devil and sang the first mississippi blues, when Barack Obama (or Bob The Builder for that matter) first uttered the immortal words, "YES WE CAN".

    These sheddies have pushed boundaries. Disco Shed heralds a bold, bright future, and brings the love of SHED to a whole new generation. Long live the Disco Shed, and all who sail in her.

  8. ross miller says:

    so what is the dfefinition of a shed
    follow this link and you,ll see…
    1. A small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure, serving for storage or shelter
    2. A large low structure often open on all sides
    1. a small, roughly made building used for storing garden tools, etc
    2. a large barnlike building used for various purposes at factories, train stations, etc.: a locomotive shed [Old English sced]

    strange how not one mentions soundsystems , wheels , trailer chassis , movability , buisness , or lights , numberplates and a dvla certificate.

    i may be bias coz my dads shed was in the competion but as he got more money selling the story of his shed than the actuall winner did in prizesi can assure you this is not about not winning.

    i,m with evans on this one

  9. Reg Miller says:

    Under no circumstances can this vehicle be called a "SHED". Since when has a "SHED" been required by law to be fitted with a D.V.L.A.number plate and road legal lights.The moment it was fitted with WHEELS it stopped being a SHED and became a TRAILER or CARAVAN. It definitely stopped being a "SHED".The fact it plays music has nothing to do with a SHED competition. Well said Chris Evans. Posted by Reg Miller proud soul owner and builder ot "THE LADY SARAH OUT OF WORTHING" [ at the bottom of my garden where a SHED should be………..]

  10. It does look like a shed and has very similar construction appart from the moveable foundations.

  11. Sozberry says:

    ..extreme capitalist culture????
    I know the man who runs the shed and hear him scrabbling around for 'normal' work once the festival seasons over. Making money is no way the impetus for this one. It sustains itself? Just, probably. What it does do extremely well is turn over high levels of good vibes with rooted music, making yer granny dance, especially by playing the tunes that shouldve wouldve when she was young. One of the nicest party crews ever, with the bestest vibes, really grounded in normality and the shed is a part of that whole concept.

    I'd like to see you get your groove on with 'em Chris.

    Chris, you have COMPLETELY missed the point. This lot are way way above and beyond capitalist culture.

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