Episode 4 #shedoftheyear Cabin & Summerhouse, Workshop & Studio, Garden Office categories – and the final!

Blimey that’s gone quick – Sunday 12th July 8pm Channel 4 the final of Shed of the year :)

This year’s contest draws to a close as George Clarke and the team visit contenders from the Cabin & Summerhouse, Workshop & Studio, Garden Office categories. Among the spaces highlighted are a converted burger van, a tiny pixie-themed cabin, a mock-Tudor structure with a psychedelic interior, a state-of-the-art photographic studio, a spaced carved using a chainsaw, and an extraordinary potting shed.

With the last round of visits concluded, it is then left to George and his fellow judges to determine which of the winning entries from the nine individual categories should be named the Shed of the Year.

If you think you have a shed that could be Shed of the year then enter here

Shed of the year FAQ what is a shed?

In preparation for Sunday’s Third episode a bit of info about #shedoftheyear :)

but I spoke to the lovely Mrs Uncle wilco who wrote about it here

“The dictionary definition of a shed is a simple roofed structure used for garden storage, to shelter animals, or as a workshop,” Andrew says.

“Of course we have stretched that a bit when it comes to Shed of the Year as we try to not take the competition too seriously in terms of guidelines.

“It upsets some purists but come on – it’s a competition about sheds – they are supposed to be happy places!

“There are many types of sheds, from normal sheds to sheds on wheels, on water and on mountains. We appreciate them all and take each on its merits,”

Shed of the year 2015 Episode 3 – Pub Sheds and Budget Sheds Sunday 5th July 8pm Channel 4

Pubs sheds and new category budget sheds

Sunday 5th July 8pm Channel 4

3/4. George Clarke introduces the nominees in the Pub Sheds category, including a pirate-themed structure, a gin distillery, a biker pub that once housed a helicopter and a nightclub with a collection of shrunken heads. He also looks at budget sheds, featuring a hillbilly hut on wheels, a garden pavilion made of firewood, a Nepalese mountain hut and a shed made from the ruins of beach huts..

Fancy visiting a #shedoftheyear shed? #opensheds

A few sheddies are having open days at their sheds to celebrate Shed of the year – be a great way of learning something new or just visit these amazing sheds

National Shed Week 2015 – Brits spend almost a year of their lives in their sheds

As amazing spaces shed of the year is on the telly  – I have calmed down a bit about Shed Week as you can have too much sheds (ed.. you sure Wilco) anyway our friends at Cuprinol have come up with these stats.

Brits love their sheds so much they would even get married in

  •  Brits spend almost a year of their lives in their sheds
  •  1 in 10 people claimed that they would happily get married in their sheds
  • The total cost of the sheds in this year’s Shed of the Year competition could buy a house in Manchester

Today marks the start of National Shed Week and it seems the British love affair with its sheds is showing no signs of dwindling as 1 in 10 25 – 34 year olds claimed that they would happily get married in their sheds

More people than ever tuned in to Channel 4 last night to watch two more Sheddies make it to the final of this year’s Shed of the Year competition, sponsored by Cuprinol.

The competition has received a record number of entries, with more than 2,500 people wanting the chance to take the crown of Shed of the Year 2015.

The humble garden shed is now worth over £8 billion to the British economy, with more than 21 million people in the UK now owning a shed.

Nearly three quarters of Brits (71 per cent)1 admit to hoarding useless items in sheds, such as old tools, rusty bikes and furniture, yet the average contents are worth £2,0002.

However this is certainly not the case with the finalists in this year’s competition, with the sheds containing items from a state of the art telescope, a cinema and even a gin distillery.

The 36 finalists have spent a combined total of over £180,000 building, decorating and adorning their sheds. That’s the equivalent to a three bed detached house in Manchester, or a one bed flat in London.

The shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol, is the brainchild of shed-fanatic Uncle Wilco, who launched the nationwide competition nine years ago to celebrate the best of British sheds.

Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco) said: “Since launching the competition I’ve certainly seen a trend towards people getting more creative and viewing their garden shed as an extension of the home.

The response to the competitionthis year has been unbelievable and it’s been really tough trying to agree on the 36 finalists as there were some phenomenal entries across all of the categories.

“The second TV series just shows how big the appetite is for Sheddies it’s great to see the great British shed getting the recognition it deserves.”

The winner of Shed of the Year 2015 will be crowned in the final installment of

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year produced by Plum Pictures on Sunday the 12th of July.

Amazing Spaces Shed of the year 2015 Episode 2 – Sunday 28th June 8pm

After last weeks Normal & Eco Sheds – this weeks show – has the Unique and Historical Finalists

2/4. George Clarke and the judges visit the nominees in the Unique Sheds category, which include a Japanese-style treehouse, a shed built in a tree 16 metres in the air, a gothic folly and the smallest shed in the competition, which forms part of a model railway. They also examine the entries for best historical shed, including an Anglo-Saxon dwelling, a 1950s diner, a writing hut that once belonged to George Bernard Shaw and a corrugated cottage from the Second World War.

Surprise Surprise #shedoftheyear was trending in the UK last night

Hope you all enjoyed Amazing Spaces shed of the year last night – was great to watch on TV after seeing all the hard work the sheddies have gone to- but also brilliant watch the social media reaction to it – most people loved it and some people could not believe there is such a thing – but as you know it has happened!

also for a few hours it was trending on twitter

shedoftheyear twitter

via trends24.in

here are some of my fav tweets from the night

The viewing figures are in and it got 2.1m viewers (2.08 average, peaked at 2.38m)

Play #shedoftheyear Buzzword Bingo

If you are watching this years Shed of the year on Channel 4, why not join in and play Buzzword bingo – each time one of the presenters mentions one of these words – mark them off on the card – (or if your in your pub shed then maybe sip something medicinal)- when you have a line of words crossed out stand up and shout SHEDDIE

Not only will you be in awe of the sheds you will feel as if you are there :)

Click on the image to download the larger version.


Great deals on Cuprinol Shed colours

As you know Cuprinol are the sponsors of Shed of the year and I thank them for their continued support so if you are in the market for some of their great colours then a few of the DIY stores have offers on at the moment. B & Q and Homebase

Shed of the Year 2015 will be on channel 4 on Sunday 21st June 8pm

Great news for all sheddies and shed wannabees – This year Shed of the year will be on channel 4 starting on Sunday 21st June 8pm -yes a Sunday night for 4 weeks! so set your DVR’s NOW

George Clarke returns as more extraordinary sheds battle to be crowned Shed of the Year 2015. This episode includes a home cinema, a boat/shed, and a shed made out of mud. (S2 Ep1/4)

I will be “live” tweeting as much as I can plus I’m sure plenty of sheddies and maybe the other judges will be there too.

To get an insight into the finalists then check them out here.

What does it take to become Shed of the year?

As we await the final of Shed of the year – I thought I would look back at a few former winners of the competition – before the lovely TV people thought the rest of the world deserved a look – it was mostly me indulging my passion for sheds :)

The first one is a pub shed that won in 2012 – Woodhendge

I love this shed as it’ started as a small dream from sheddie John to create a space for his family and friends and former regiment buddies to visit – but as you can see it turned into a massive shed – and one of the best and elaborate Pub Sheds I have seen – John also collects bottles and the way he displayed them added to the charm.

The 2nd shed is the winner in 2011 Songs from the shed

I love this shed well it started off as an idea in the pub over a few ciders to listen to local bands – Sheddie Jon then started to film them and the rest is history – show what can be achieved with a sheddie way of thinking.

and the final one is the winner in 2013 – The Boat Roofed Shed

I love this shed as again I think drink played a part in it’s conception, Alex wanted to create a unique shed as he had the perfect spot for it up on the side of a mountain – as he worked at a boat yard he could get hold of an old boat- he just had to get it up there – and the rest just came together – this is a very cosy shed – but it’s the view that is amazing.

Channel 5 News reports on shed of the year

The bods at Channel 5 news have done this great little video with rk (Pixie) Burton featuring some photos of the other finalists to this years Shed of the year plus a nice little chat with last years winner Joel Bird.

Some bank holiday tunes from Songs from the Shed

Shed of the year winner from 2011 Jon Earl and his Songs from the Shed – “Acoustic shed sessions from our garden shed . From local musicians to world reknowned acts”

Jon has created a spotify list of nearly all the artists that have appeared in his shed

enjoy – pop pickers

Or while you are at it view Jon’s Videos of the artists

Garden Office category is live for #shedoftheyear

After some consideration we have now included the Garden Office category in this year’s final of Shed of the year.

We thought we did not have enough unique entries this year however after looking thoroughly through the category we have decided that it would be such a shame to lose it and so it will be back, as the hard work of the sheddies involved should be celebrated.

So the ones we have picked as Garden Office finalists are

multi purpose hide out

multi purpose hide out - David G Connor - side of river gorge

Magniloquent cave (Mag-cave.)

Magniloquent cave (Mag-cave.) - Rod Lawless - Side garden. One time veg patch then decking, now this.


Pear Tree Weddings HQ

Pear Tree Weddings HQ - Jo - VW Shed 'office' at the bottom of the garden

Crafty Monkey at the beach…

Crafty Monkey at the beach... - Chrissy Brown - Bottom of the garden


Vote for these alongside the other sheds here.