Some of the most pinned sheds on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for you sheddies to get inspiration for your shed builds or ideas how you want to decorate your spaces.

Here are some of the most pinned sheds that have been entered over the years for Shed of the year – as you can see Pub sheds are popular but also well designed interiors.

If you think you have an amazing shed that you think could have a chance to win Shed of the year 2016, you now have until 15th May to add your shed.

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Some amazing beach huts not by the sea

I love a shed by the sea or beach huts as you normal people call them.

Here are some great examples of the genre by our fabulous sheddies – the majority of them seem to be owned and created by lady sheddies showing once again that the ladies are on top shed form.

So get some inspiration and enter your beach hut into Shed of the year NOW

The Beach Hut – Cabin/Summerhouse from Garden #shedoftheyear

1920’s Beach Hut – Cabin/Summerhouse from Garden #shedoftheyear

Bespoke Summerhouse Aka The Beach Hut – Budget from Garden #shedoftheyear

Ant’s Pad – Unexpected from Weybridge #shedoftheyear

The Washery – Cabin/Summerhouse from Country Garden #shedoftheyear

Jenny’s Beach Hut – Cabin/Summerhouse from garden #shedoftheyear

The Beach Hut – Unique from Chelveston, Northamptonshire #shedoftheyear

The Beach Hut – Unique from in the garden of a terrace house in central Colchester #shedoftheyear

Jabba The Hut – Cabin/Summerhouse from back garden- Dorset #shedoftheyear

Stay Put Beach Hut – Unique from Felixstowe #shedoftheyear

Beach Huts – Unexpected from Back Garden #shedoftheyear

Bostin Betty – Workshop/Studio from Landlocked in Birmingham #shedoftheyear

So Amazing Spaces is returning this week with George and they are themed

The Amazing Spaces main show is back again to Channel 4 from Friday 22nd April at 8pm, and it looks like a best of builds show – which is great for people to get ready for a new series and get some inspiration for their builds – also don’t forget you can still enter your project for Shed of the year which closes on the 15th May – so Hurry Up Sheddies.

anyway here is the info on the next three episodes of Amazing Spaces airing on a prime Friday slot at 8pm starting from this Friday.

In this four part compilation series, George Clarke looks back over some of his favourite projects from across five series of Amazing Spaces. Starting with George Clarke’s Amazing Treehouses, the series revisits his favourite caravan builds, wilderness lodges and garden retreats. There’s the farmer building a caravan-inspired treehouse in the highlands of Scotland; a mirror-clad cube in Sweden; and a UFO construction nestled amongst the branches. There is also a trip to Tuscany and George’s own star gazing treehouse in Kielder National Park, Northumberland.

George Clarke continues his look back at some of the best builds over five series of Amazing Spaces. This time he turns his attention to some of the most innovative and eccentric caravan and campervan builds he’s ever seen – from a tiny Italian tuk tuk campervan to a trailer tent caravan clad in old CDs; and a tiny 1950s ambulance converted to sleep a family of six, plus their dog. There is also an Airstream caravan converted into the ultimate party pad and a look back at George’s high-tech holiday home in the Lake District for him and the family.

George Clarke looks back across five series of amazing spaces. This time he focuses on how nature and architecture can work harmoniously together in the glorious world of cabins in the wild. There’s a mountain-top ski lodge in Italy only accessible by helicopter; a hobbit-inspired cob house in Surrey built for only £150; and a concrete dome-home built under a man-made hill in a Texan hurricane valley. And George reflects on his own wilderness cabin that he built in the Sussex woodlands.

More info here

Up cycled, innovative or just plain amazing sheds

Here are a selection of entries new and old that have taken my personal interest over the last few weeks.

Of course you will have to wait for the long list to see what myself and the other judges think are in the running this year and as you can tell we like all different sorts of sheds (remember deadlock from last years show) – so it will be an interesting time 🙂

If you think you have a great shed then why not enter it for Shed of the year 2016 you have until the 15th May.

Craigie Tree Lodge – Cabin/Summerhouse from Front garden #shedoftheyear

Austin Camper Shed – Unique from Mobile #shedoftheyear

The Boat – Unique from garden #shedoftheyear

The Door Knocker Comapny – Workshop/Studio from Shop Premises/ free standing #shedoftheyear

Barbara’s Studio – Workshop/Studio from Garden #shedoftheyear

‘Doog’s Shack’ – Budget from Garden #shedoftheyear

The Old Tannery – Pub/Entertainment from back garden #shedoftheyear

For all your giant ball on shed needs

Helen Highley noted that I may be interested in this photo and yes she was right

Spiegelei at The Tetley Brewery on #5×50 day 5 #leeds #loveforyorkshire #shed #powerwalking #yorkshiregirl

A photo posted by Helen Highley (@criadera) on

You can see it yourself it’s called Spiegelei at thetetley

To accompany the exhibition Think.Play.Do and our Summer of Play we are delighted to bring Jem Finer’s Spiegelei (2010) from Yorkshire Sculpture Park to the urban setting of Brewery Green.

Spiegelei is a 360-degree camera obscura housed inside a stainless steel sphere on top of an off-the-shelf garden shed, which reflects distorted and inverted views of the surrounding landscape.

briefly mentioned it a few years ago

A BBQ joint that looks like a load of pallet sheds put together

Last Christmas I was chatting to an old school mate (in the pub obviously ) and he was there with his former neighbor who is into meat big time (even has his own pigs) and makes Game & Cured Meat Products.

anyway the fella messaged me the other day to say that their BBQ joint in Topsham, Devon is well and truly open it’s called the Pig and Pallet and as you would expect they have a lot of both of them.

It’s like you put together a shed load of pallet sheds and just ate pork in them – can’t wait to visit.

Cheers to the owner – Pete Woodham-kay for the tip off and good luck with the business.

I have a funny feeling that 2016 is going to be my year of getting full on BBQ – what with Barry based Hang Fire Smokehouse opening this week.

Shed of the year 2016 – why not take a “shedcation”

To launch the annual Shed of the Year competition, sponsors Cuprinol are giving Brits the chance to book their very own ‘shedcation’ at some of the UK’s most spectacular sheds, by joining forces with alternative accommodation site, Airbnb.

The shed ‘wishlist’, which has been curated by founder of Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year, Uncle Wilco, is encouraging people to book a stay at a number of sheds through the Airbnb website.

The wishlist is made up of previous Shed of the Year finalists as well as some new hopefuls taking part in this year’s competition.

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The quirky sheds listed on Airbnb range from the repurposed ‘Corrugated Cottage’, which dates back to 1940, and was originally built for the land girls who supported Britain’s agriculture industry during WWII – to the ‘Boatel’, a unique shed created out of an upcycled boat.

Guests can also bob to sleep on the ‘Maid of Dekkin’, Surrey’s finest floating shed, take a dip in the ‘Night at The Museum’s private pool or relax and detox in ‘Gilly’s Hut’ therapy retreat, complete with a double cabin bed and en’-suite bathroom.

0ced3566-f307-4366-86d3-c9a9bdfc992e (1) e3adf29d-ab01-4092-ada7-a4391c7a49ef

Cuprinol’s link-up with Airbnb comes as the annual Shedonomics report by the wood care brand reveals nearly 70% of Brits would rather stay in a shed than a cottage, caravan or tent for a country retreat – with the youngsters of Britain (25 – 34 years) most likely to choose a holiday in a shed over other forms of accommodation (76%).
The shedcation is a trend that is fast gaining momentum as UK shed listings on Airbnb have increased by 88% year on year*, with Cuprinol Shedonomics research finding over a third (35%) of Brits would consider renovating their shed to be able to rent it out.

More than two thirds (63%) of Brits now own a shed and 44% of those who don’t own a shed, would like to. In fact almost two thirds (62%) stated that they would be put off buying a home that didn’t have a shed or garden big enough to house one.

The humble garden shed was voted one of the top five most iconic British pastimes, along with the Queen, a cup of tea, fish and chips and a Sunday roast, beating a traditional fry up and cheese rolling to the top.
Surprisingly it’s no longer just ‘silver sheddies’ who are investing in these wonderful wooden creations, with a more Brits under 25 now owning a shed (63%) than 45 – 54 year olds (60%).
For many, the shed is considered an outdoor haven as 32% of Brits admit to spending quiet time, such as meditating or sleeping in their shed – with men (42%) twice as likely as women (21%) to use their shed as a retreat.

But it’s not all about sneaking off for an afternoon snooze as 11% of men admitted to planning a surprise for their partner in their shed – including proposals and holidays.

And modern sheds are increasingly being used as a space to entertain friends, with 16% of Brits using their sheds to watch movies, browse the internet or entertain guests and 8% have even dined in their shed.

Founder of Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year competition, Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco) said: “Each year the competition seeks to crown the most amazing sheds from across the country and it seems the nation’s love of sheds is stronger than ever.


We’ve already seen a massive influx of entries into this year’s competition, spanning everything from those inspired by the architectural conquests of Grand Designs to the wacky and wonderful hand crafted creations.

“It’s exciting to officially launch registrations for this years’ competition by working with Airbnb as it really captures what Cuprinol Shed of the Year is all about – we want to share these wonderful creations with the nation and give people chance to enjoy them.”

Katie Taylor, brand manager at Cuprinol said: “Since the start of the competition we’ve certainly seen a trend towards people viewing their garden shed as an extension of their home and more people are finding amazing uses for their sheds which goes beyond DIY.

“From garden offices to shed hotels, we want to give people the chance to experience exactly what makes these sheds so special – the care that goes into them and the people that dream them up.”

For more information on Uncle Wilco’s Shed of the Year Shedcation wishlist

The Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition for 2016 is now officially open for registration. To register your shed, visit and fill out the form.

*Based on UK figures from Airbnb

The internet’s most waited for BEST of 2015 list – ok it’s sheds

So 2015 was another amazing year for Shed of the year – you and your sheds were on the telly once again on channel 4 – thanks George and the team for doing a great series.

These two sheds were the hardest for us to judge as you saw so they have to top the best of 2015

Inshriach Distillery

The Owl House

of course there were some sheds that did not make it to the final shortlist but I have been posting them over the year using the #wilcosheds hashtag – they have been some of my personal favourite sheds – in no particular order – so enjoy and see you in 2016:)

Shed of the year 2016 entry is NOW OPEN


Shed of the year 2016 entry

Channel 4’s ‘Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year is back for a third series in 2016, once again bringing you the most incredible and eccentric sheds from around the country.

As we open the competition for new entries here on, our panel of judges cannot wait to find out what you Sheddies have been up to.

We have a few changes for shed of the year 2016  in terms of categories (See below) but now it’s up to you the sheddies come up with amazing sheds to try and top last years winner Walter and his Inshriach Distillery

The Inshriach Distillery owned by Walter Micklethwait, 36, from Aviemore in Scotland has been crowned ‘2015 Shed of the Year’ in the annual competition sponsored by Cuprinol. Revealed by George Clarke during the final episode of Channel 4’s ‘Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year’, Walter beat eight other finalists to the title and took home £1,000 courtesy of sponsors Cuprinol.
You have until May 15th 2016 to get your shed ready for entry and upload the photos, ready for the long list.

  • Terms & Conditions of entry are here , please read before submitting your entry
  • Unexpected Category – is replacing ‘Normal’ this year, this is the category where what’s inside the Shed is the last thing you’d expect to find! – all existing Normal sheds will be made Unexpected!
  • The Garden Office category will be merged with Workshop & Studios category
  • Budget and Historic categories continue for 2016 (after featuring on the Channel 4 show this summer).
  • The ever popular Pub category is being extended to Pub & Entertainment – so all the family can get involved.
  • Tardis category has been merged with the Unique category so add your Whovian sheds to that
  • We reserve the right to allocate Sheds to their final category when selecting the Shortlist
  • Sign up your shed for 2016 NOW.

Last years finalists are here to get some inspiration for your Shed of the year build for 2016.

Big thanks again to our main sponsor Cuprinol

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