Some of the amazing cinema sheds entered for Shed of the year

Over the years we have had some great cinema sheds entered for #shedoftheyear and the last couple of year two have made it to the final.

and with the “news” that film/movie/cinema sheds are the new in thing

A company has reinvented the garden shed and created the ultimate home cinema experience.

From the outside, the Torii Cinema looks like any other garden shed that could be rammed full with spades and decorated with years-old cobwebs.

But step inside and you are transported to movie heaven.

The custom made home cinemas come equipped with theatre-style seating, a ED projector and Dolby surround sound with an underfloor sub.

No detail has been left in this authentic experience – there are custom built pick n mix counters, red theatre curtains, a popcorn maker and a star-light ceiling.

Thought I would show you that our sheddies have been doing it forever!

2015 Finalist Cabin Cinema

Cabin Cinema

2014 Finalist Reelwood


Other home entertainment sheds are

Garden Cinema

The Man Cave

The Stalls

You can view more cinema sheds here.

There are some enchanting things going on in the shed

Longtime sheddie and supporter Andy from Workshop shed – has recently won a trip to the fabled MAKER Faire in America – by turning a Alpine Weather Chalet into an Internet of things Weather Forecaster.

As part of the Connected World series, Element14 challenged electronics designers from around the globe to add “enchantment” to everyday objects.

Andy took to his shed to transform a traditional Weather House. Using wifi, 3D printed parts and a servo, the house reads the forecast from the internet and moves the figures.

On a rainy day, the man steps out and on a sunny day the lady appears. A multicoloured light shows the temperature, blue for cold and red for hot.

The project build was accompanied by a story line telling of the young couple’s quest to rebuild their house with the help of a range of fantasy characters.

This helped set Andy’s project ahead of the competition.

The reward is a trip to New York to see the Makers Faire with an added perk of seeing his name in lights.

Andy Name in Lights

For more details visit the workshopshed blog

What is it about Space and you sheddies

We had a normal looking shed on the outside but amazing inside – Shedservatory as a finalist in this years Shed of the year.


and now the Telegraph reports on

of course we also saw this attempt to get into space a few years back


Shed of the year winner 2014 Joel Bird exhibits art made in his shed

If you are up in Liverpool this weekend pop along to visit 2014 Shed of the year Winner Joel Bird’s Art which is on display at the Reader Gallery (no relation to Reader Sheds) in Calderstones Park is filled with sculptures, paintings and inks. The subjects include figurative paintings, crows and allotments?!

Joel is a Liverpool born artist, now working out of his studio in London. His work reflects his belief that art is the indestructible link between working creative humans and nature.

The heart of his work lies perhaps in painting and sculpture, but as a keen photographer, a working carpenter and a life long musician, his art takes on the inevitable influences of a wide skill set.

He says “The signature of my work might be described a flowing structure which expresses inter-connection. And colourful and a love of nature.”

You can view more of Joels work here

SHED.TV : Down the shed by Men with Ven

We love a good song about sheds – our fav being this ode to joy from the Punks not dad and of course the sublime Nick Drake but this one from shed age approriate London songsters Men with Ven is starting to get into our ear


Written by (Barratt/Clift/Marsh/Laker)
Directed by David Barratt

Justin Mitchell on trumpet, Gary Brady, Toby Carter, Shane Attwooll, Mark Arden, John (Two Sheds) McAuley,
Andrew Hayes-Watkins, Colin Xavier, Sue Dudman Westergaard, Annie and Bertie Foreman, Frank Nutten, Mark Gent, Molly Gent, David Bowie, Ron Chadwick, Julia Mundy, Emily Firmin, Glen Laker, Sally Laker, Toby Laker, Andy Capon, Justin Marshall, Alys Courtney, Gemma Collett- Mills, Bryn Burrows, Jane Burrows, Rachel Attwooll, Lyla Attwooll, John Butterworth, Dee Strauss, Craig Avery, Tommy Cooper, Miles Cookman, Matt Percival, Uma Thurman, Salvador Dali, Liza Stubbs,

FX: Gary Brady, Harry Feeney-Barratt
Paintings by Chris How and Ron Chadwick

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
Let’s go
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

I really am, I really am happy down there y’know?
It’s a little wooden piece of heaven

I put on the kettle, played some heavy metal
I made a coffee table for me Auntie Mabel
(very thoughtful Carl)
I watched Stoke vs. Leeds on a dodgy feed
I had a game of snap and took a well deserved nap

I got down and dirty with Squirty Gurty
Having toast for lunch, breakfast, brunch
I cut Bowie’s hair in this very chair
Me and me mate Glen grovin’ to Men With Ven

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(It’s what you’ve worked for all your life)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

An Englishman’s home may be castle
But his shed is a self contained universe
Apparently bound by four wooden walls and a decent padlock
But metaphysically holding all the mystery of human existence

It was there I fell heavily in love with Tom Cleverly
I made a fresh brew – Do you want some too?
I built a rabbit hutch…. Thankyouverrrymuch
I planned a little pub crawl with Matt Percival

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(Funnily enough I don’t get a phone signal down the shed)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

Uma Thurman taught me german down the shed
I worked on me Harley with Salvador Dali down the shed
I told The Missus I’m working but really I’m shirking down the shed
I burnt off my warts as I watched Sky Sports
Had some cheese and pickle and some slap and tickle
Peace, Happiness, Love – it’s all about that down the shed
The hedgehogs and the mice all agree it’s very nice down the shed
Only fifty square feet but it’s the envy of the street down the shed
I put up a shelf all by myself
Down the shed

You can follow them on twitter

Sheddie hopes to draw every item from his Grandfather’s shed

Artist Lee John Phillips has got a task in hand but it’s looking amazing so far.

I am currently cataloguing the entire contents of my late grandfather’s tool shed. I estimate the project to take around 5 years and will involve
me illustrating in excess of 100,000 items.

Follow his work on twitter or instagram

Q & A with Shed of the year 2015 Winner Walter Micklethwait of Inshriach Distillery

What an amazing winning shed Inshriach Distillery is – yes it’s big but what an inspiration for all sheddies to aspire to do something similar even in a smaller space (Lamb not included)

Here is a brief Q & A with owner Walter Micklethwait

Q) So you have won Shed of the year 2015 – what does it feel like

It is an absolute honour to have won shed of the year. we were up against some proper craftsmen, brilliant eccentrics and most of all a really nice bunch of people. It came down the pubic vote so huge thanks to everybody who voted for us, now we are off for a gin.

Q) What inspired you to build your shed.

The sheds needed rescuing before they collapsed completely but we had no idea what to do with them. We always planned on a shop and maybe a wood working studio, then the parquet floor turned up, then we found the glass doors and the bar and a surfeit of pianos, then we were given a railway station, then we got into making gin, and thats how the character of the place emerged.

Q) What was the most difficult aspect of the build and how did you overcome it

Deadlines. Every time someone wanted to photograph it or film it we ended up working into the night to finish a room, hang pictures, find plants, fit wiring, finish bits of panelling and so on.

Q) What one bit of advice would you give to sheddies when they start out on their build

it depends on the type of shed you are building, in our case plan nothing, gather loads of junk and do something that makes you (and hopefully others) laugh.

Q) Apart from the Dash the lamb what is the most important item in your shed

The stills for making Crossbill, they have turned the shed into both a business and a wild west moonshine joint in one go.

Q) What are your plans for the shed in the future

We are running some music events this summer that will use the bar, including a gin festival, and we are already making a load more stuff to sell in the shop. The building itself and the farmyard will keep evolving for decades.

Q) You will be a judge for Shed of the year 2016 – what will you belooking for in a winner?

Humour, imagination, style, workmanship, stretching the definition of the word shed to new levels.

IF you think you have a shed worthy of Shed of the year why not enter your shed now.

The Winner of Shed of the year 2015 is …..

You would have seen the tense Shed of the year final on Channel 4 and know that the winner is the Inshriach Distillery, Pub Shed from A farmyard in the Scottish Highlands

A massive congratulations to Walter Micklethwait and everyone who has worked on this award winning shed.

also lots of thanks to the runner up The Owl house – an amazing eco shed – hope you enjoyed this years show and watch this space..

IF you think you have a she worthy of Shed of the year why not enter your shed now.

Some information about Inshriach

Two years ago this was a dilapidated hen house and an assorted pile of old junk. Now, after some very sporadic work it has become the Inshriach Farm shop, Ladies waiting room, Saloon Bar and Distillery.

The General stores is a shop selling items we have carved or whittled on the farm and eggs and produce from the gardens.

The ladies waiting room is a cheeky recycled velour upholstered piano bar and the saloon is a dirty wild west gin joint. In an unexpected twist to the shed tale, word got out that the bar was coming together and that we had juniper growing on the farm and before we knew it the shed became home to its very own gin distillery, complete with a lovely hand hammered set of stills from Portugal and its own all Scottish gin brand, Crossbill.

The roof was all rusty sheets and woodworm in the joists so the rafters and onduline roofing are new (a job carried out in a miserable blizzard). The oak parquet floor (complete with a million nails sticking out of it) was salvaged for free from a bar in Aviemore, the insulation underneath it is made up out of breakthroughs from from a childrens TV show, the glass doors are from the tip, so are the patio doors.

The bar front and the cupboards in the bar were kicking around from other projects or pinched from round the farm, the sash windows are from a house in Edinburgh, the crittal window in the distillery was dropped off by our mortgage advisor when he came round for a meeting. The doors and the furniture are either made for the purpose or they are all tip finds, as is the piano (it has been tuned but need another go). All the new looking timber is actually scrap or seconds from a sawmill. We spent some money on a roll of wire to put wiring and plug sockets through the shed.

Episode 4 #shedoftheyear Cabin & Summerhouse, Workshop & Studio, Garden Office categories – and the final!

Blimey that’s gone quick – Sunday 12th July 8pm Channel 4 the final of Shed of the year :)

This year’s contest draws to a close as George Clarke and the team visit contenders from the Cabin & Summerhouse, Workshop & Studio, Garden Office categories. Among the spaces highlighted are a converted burger van, a tiny pixie-themed cabin, a mock-Tudor structure with a psychedelic interior, a state-of-the-art photographic studio, a spaced carved using a chainsaw, and an extraordinary potting shed.

With the last round of visits concluded, it is then left to George and his fellow judges to determine which of the winning entries from the nine individual categories should be named the Shed of the Year.

If you think you have a shed that could be Shed of the year then enter here

Shed of the year FAQ what is a shed?

In preparation for Sunday’s Third episode a bit of info about #shedoftheyear :)

but I spoke to the lovely Mrs Uncle wilco who wrote about it here

“The dictionary definition of a shed is a simple roofed structure used for garden storage, to shelter animals, or as a workshop,” Andrew says.

“Of course we have stretched that a bit when it comes to Shed of the Year as we try to not take the competition too seriously in terms of guidelines.

“It upsets some purists but come on – it’s a competition about sheds – they are supposed to be happy places!

“There are many types of sheds, from normal sheds to sheds on wheels, on water and on mountains. We appreciate them all and take each on its merits,”

Shed of the year 2015 Episode 3 – Pub Sheds and Budget Sheds Sunday 5th July 8pm Channel 4

Pubs sheds and new category budget sheds

Sunday 5th July 8pm Channel 4

3/4. George Clarke introduces the nominees in the Pub Sheds category, including a pirate-themed structure, a gin distillery, a biker pub that once housed a helicopter and a nightclub with a collection of shrunken heads. He also looks at budget sheds, featuring a hillbilly hut on wheels, a garden pavilion made of firewood, a Nepalese mountain hut and a shed made from the ruins of beach huts..

Fancy visiting a #shedoftheyear shed? #opensheds

A few sheddies are having open days at their sheds to celebrate Shed of the year – be a great way of learning something new or just visit these amazing sheds

National Shed Week 2015 – Brits spend almost a year of their lives in their sheds

As amazing spaces shed of the year is on the telly  – I have calmed down a bit about Shed Week as you can have too much sheds (ed.. you sure Wilco) anyway our friends at Cuprinol have come up with these stats.

Brits love their sheds so much they would even get married in

  •  Brits spend almost a year of their lives in their sheds
  •  1 in 10 people claimed that they would happily get married in their sheds
  • The total cost of the sheds in this year’s Shed of the Year competition could buy a house in Manchester

Today marks the start of National Shed Week and it seems the British love affair with its sheds is showing no signs of dwindling as 1 in 10 25 – 34 year olds claimed that they would happily get married in their sheds

More people than ever tuned in to Channel 4 last night to watch two more Sheddies make it to the final of this year’s Shed of the Year competition, sponsored by Cuprinol.

The competition has received a record number of entries, with more than 2,500 people wanting the chance to take the crown of Shed of the Year 2015.

The humble garden shed is now worth over £8 billion to the British economy, with more than 21 million people in the UK now owning a shed.

Nearly three quarters of Brits (71 per cent)1 admit to hoarding useless items in sheds, such as old tools, rusty bikes and furniture, yet the average contents are worth £2,0002.

However this is certainly not the case with the finalists in this year’s competition, with the sheds containing items from a state of the art telescope, a cinema and even a gin distillery.

The 36 finalists have spent a combined total of over £180,000 building, decorating and adorning their sheds. That’s the equivalent to a three bed detached house in Manchester, or a one bed flat in London.

The shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol, is the brainchild of shed-fanatic Uncle Wilco, who launched the nationwide competition nine years ago to celebrate the best of British sheds.

Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco) said: “Since launching the competition I’ve certainly seen a trend towards people getting more creative and viewing their garden shed as an extension of the home.

The response to the competitionthis year has been unbelievable and it’s been really tough trying to agree on the 36 finalists as there were some phenomenal entries across all of the categories.

“The second TV series just shows how big the appetite is for Sheddies it’s great to see the great British shed getting the recognition it deserves.”

The winner of Shed of the Year 2015 will be crowned in the final installment of

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year produced by Plum Pictures on Sunday the 12th of July.

Amazing Spaces Shed of the year 2015 Episode 2 – Sunday 28th June 8pm

After last weeks Normal & Eco Sheds – this weeks show – has the Unique and Historical Finalists

2/4. George Clarke and the judges visit the nominees in the Unique Sheds category, which include a Japanese-style treehouse, a shed built in a tree 16 metres in the air, a gothic folly and the smallest shed in the competition, which forms part of a model railway. They also examine the entries for best historical shed, including an Anglo-Saxon dwelling, a 1950s diner, a writing hut that once belonged to George Bernard Shaw and a corrugated cottage from the Second World War.

Surprise Surprise #shedoftheyear was trending in the UK last night

Hope you all enjoyed Amazing Spaces shed of the year last night – was great to watch on TV after seeing all the hard work the sheddies have gone to- but also brilliant watch the social media reaction to it – most people loved it and some people could not believe there is such a thing – but as you know it has happened!

also for a few hours it was trending on twitter

shedoftheyear twitter


here are some of my fav tweets from the night

The viewing figures are in and it got 2.1m viewers (2.08 average, peaked at 2.38m)